Wonder Dogs
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When the universeʼs highest-flying dogs warp into outer space, Skyfetcher and Spaceslobber get a call from canine headquarters! It seems an unknown force is attacking unsuspecting planets, and itʼs up to them to root out the source of the trouble! Our dog-tastic duo gets more than they bargained for, however, when they discover that the orbiting offender is none other than their notorious arch- nemesis, Marlon Butterpaws! Together with his snarky squirrel sidekick, Tinkeroo, the felonious feline is on a mission to stupefy the solar system and mystify the Milky Way! Shooing the sinister Siamese from star-to-star, Skyfetcher and Spaceslobber enlist the help of their closest allies - including the cynical porcupine, Tuffnut - in a race against time to prevent Butterpaws from unleashing his dreaded Canine Ninja Mind Power on the universe! Will they defeat the catty cad, or chase their tails to the moon? Suit up, and join the mission to find out!

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Jason Wright


Gravitas Ventures


English (CC)

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1 h 11 min




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