Worst. Christmas. Ever.
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It's Christmas Eve in East Jesus, Ohio and 15-year-old Sophia just discovered she's pregnant! Her mom is too busy to listen, her unemployed stepdad is too annoying to understand and her younger stepbrother is just a creep. Instead, Sophia confides in her best friends; who not so subtly inform her that her boyfriend, Trey, is cheating on her. Unwilling to be a victim, Sophia takes matters into her own hands by swiping a gun, from her over-medicated grandpa, to use on the cheating scumbag who knocked her up. The small-town where Sophia lives also has plenty of criminal mischief on this day. A derelict mall Santa goes on a home burglary spree, the corrupt mayor is indicted for embezzlement and even her stepbrother, stepfather and grandma each have their own violent run-ins with the law. In fact, everyone who comes into contact with Sophia over the course of this fateful holiday will forever look back upon it as the worst Christmas ever!

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Johnny Chechitelli


Gravitas Ventures


English (CC)

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1 h 20 min




Johnny Chechitelli


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