Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani
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The film starts with a wedding invitation in the form of basket full of sweets and chocolates being delivered in numerous places. The invitation to Bunny, Kabir Thapar, couldn't be delivered as he doesn't reside in that place anymore. Naina (Deepika Padukone) receives the invitation and remembers her trip to Kullu and Manali eight years ago. Then she was a shy and nerdy medical student. She studied constantly and always topped her classes, however she felt like an outcast. An encounter with an old classmate, Aditi (Kalki Koechlin), in a supermarket makes her realize that she wants more from life than high marks. She makes an impulsive decision to go on a commercial hiking trip into the Himalayas, up to Manali, even though her seat in the train was not confirmed. On a chance meeting with Bunny(Ranbir Kapoor), he agrees to share his seat with her and take her to a trip with him and his friends. She meets Aditi again and Avi(Aditya Roy Kapur) both of her best friends. Naina, still in the train, still continues to study. She continued to feel like an outcast, as was evident when the game "I never" was being played and she didn't do anything of what was being said by other players (Bunny, Avi, Naina, Lara and her 2 friends). In the first day of the trip, Bunny, Avi and Aditi leave to explore places in Manali, with Naina tagging along. Bunny continues to tease her with sort of vulgur statements, while Avi continues to drink and flirt. At the end of the day, a gig happens between a lady and Aditi due to Avi's shove mistaken as eve teasing. This ensues a chase, in which Bunny and Naina and running away one side and Avi and Aditi other so that they don't get beaten up from the mob. In the end Naina saves them by making logs fall on the mob when she knocks them down. At the beginning of the trek, the members are divided into 2 groups, one under Avi and other under Bunny, with Naina and Aditi both in Avi's team. While Bunny is going on slowly to the mountain top, Naina is not stopping in her way. Bunny realizes this may make him lose, tricks Naina into staying with him for some minutes and ties her legs while he busies her in some talk. In the end Bunny's team wins and Avi's team has to prepare food and put tents etc.. Naina had prepared food, but Bunny came and announced that a party of foreigners is going on nearby and they have invited them too. Naina, again feels outcast stays back and resumes her studies till Bunny finds her. He asks her why she didn't join them, she tells him she is friendless and reserved because she is boring. He dismisses the fact that she's boring because she came all by herself to this trip, she sings Bachchan songs and she was the reason they outran those guys chasing them. According to him, she was a hero not boring. He tells her to enjoy more and stop empathizing herself. As the trip goes on, Naina starts enjoying more and she and Bunny start bonding, with him including her in his gang. The crew reaches the topmost point of their trek, but Bunny wanted to go beyond it. On question, Suber, the trek guide told him that point is called Bhoota Parvat(Haunted Mountain). A myth states that a lots of spirits come there in the night of Poornima to search for a temple where all their wishes will be answers. Many people tried to find it, but it couldn't happen and they never returned. Coincidentally, that night is also Poornima only. Regardless of that, Bunny goes there at night with Naina joining him. Naina for the first time drinks with him. Bunny tells her of his dream to roam around the world. He never wants to settle down or have anything to hold back from living his life the way he wants it. He feels marriage and relationship only causes a person to carry a burden of uneventful boring life while he wants his life to be as interesting as possible. Finally they reach the last point together. Naina realizes she really loves Bunny and wants him in her life. On returning, she feels she has become a new person, a person who thinks more than higher marks and a successful career, a person who can enjoy till the limit. At the same time, seeing Aditi's reaction to Avi's flirting with other girls, Naina and Bunny realise, she loves Avi. On the last day, Naina is just on verge of telling Bunny her feelings, Avi barges in and questions Bunny of his admission in Northwestern University in Chicago. Avi found that envelope in Bunny's bag while searching for protection. He comes to know his plans of staying with Bunny in a flat and chilling out were baseless as Bunny was planning to go since a long time. Avi wanted to stop him, but Aditi still angry and hurt by Avi doesn't support him and encourage him. Bunny knows Avi is upset with the decision and he wanted to tell himself. This admission was a first step towards his dream. Naina is heartbroken to realize that Bunny will never change his notion of life. She swallows back the words of her love for him. It's eight years now and Naina, neither heard from Bunny another time, nor waited for him. While Bunny is having happening life, the life he dreamed of by being a videographer for a travel show. He quits that show soon as he got another offer to host a show himself in a reality travel show with 3 months stay at Paris, Tokyo, Istanbul and Berlin. Soon, he gets a video message from Aditi where she informs him of her marriage and inviting her for her wedding in Udaipur. It is the day of cocktail party of Aditi's wedding to Taran, an awkward but sweet architect. Naina, now Aditi's best friend, gives speech about Aditi. At the end of the speech, Bunny gives surprise entry and makes party live. Aditi is extremely happy to see Bunny but Avi is not much thrilled and doesn't even regard him as friend. Avi owned a bar which also failed, as a result Avi has now become a gambler and alcoholic. He is very angry with Bunny for not being there when he was loneliest. He even refuses to watch Bunny's show when he asks him to. But as the days go, Avi and Bunny patch up and apologise to each other. Also, Bunny and Naina rekindle the bond they had. He also finds out Naina has an admirer and assumes he's a funny looking NRI with an accent. When they go to tour Udaipur, they compare each other's ideology about staying at home and roaming at different places. Bunny is eager to visit all the places in Udaipur while Naina is tired and just wants to see the beautiful sunset. She tells Bunny that whatever plan or lists you make in life, you are bound to miss something. Instead of doing everything in a rush, it's better to enjoy something when you can. On their way back, Bunny confesses to her that he didn't go home after coming to India because, three years ago he took 24 students for trekking while working in company called Trek America for a week. His phone didn't work for a week and later he got messages of his dad's death and being cremated already. He hadn't seen his dad for three years and didn't speak to him since months. He still feels very regretful of that. Naina and Bunny share a moment and part ways. On returning, Bunny catches Avi gambling, so he also puts a bet only to lose. Avi shouts at him for putting his own money in the bet thinking it will cause double Jackpot. This makes Bunny realize that Avi has been watching his show all along and has always been his caring friend. In the evening party, Bunny catches Aditi and Avi talking, then Taran taking her away and both of them fighting with Aditi walking away. Bunny felt that Taran is jealous and confronts Aditi about marrying him. She clarifies that Taran wasn't jealous but refraining her from insulting Avi as he had bill of 1 lakh of poker and 1 lakh of alcohol which Taran paid just now. Bunny asked her that she doesn't love Avi anymore. Aditi is shocked that he knew. Bunny tells her apart from Avi everyone knew of her feelings. She tells him that she did love Avi but he never returned her love, but with Taran it seems that she is actually happy and she feels just alright on spending time with her. She is in love with Taran. This makes Bunny realize his love for Naina and he goes to find her. To his dismay he sees her with Vikram (Rana Daggubati), the guy actually sending messages to Naina. Driven by jealousy, he tells Vikram he is Naina's boyfriend. Naina tells she is just Vikram's friend and confronts him about his behaviour. He tells her he wants her to spend each and every minute with him but she refuses. She loved him eight years ago and he didn't and again she is falling in love with him and he wouldn't. She doesn't want to hurt herself again. Listening this, Bunny kisses Naina. Bunny and Naina confess their love to each other but Naina tells him to forget her. He can't settle down as travelling was his dream, while she can't travel with him because her family and job are here. She wants to have a settled life and he wants to have a life of a hippie. Now they love each other, but after a while, these differences will come between and they will be heartbroken in the end. As both of them are not ready to leave their present life, they part ways. Soon after wedding, Bunny leaves for airport, but instead goes to his parent's home. He recalls how understanding his dad was about his choices. He talks to his stepmother and tells how much he regrets not meeting his father before death, but she consoles him. She tells him his dad was happiest with Bunny because he had courage to face the obstacles due to his choice and encourage him to continue what he does. It is New Year's Eve. This is last day of Avi's bar. Aditi is going for her honeymoon and Naina is alone in her home. Bunny comes to Naina's home having turned down the offer of his dream job. He confesses he still has those dreams but he wants to stay with her too before he loses all the time. He proposes to her. The film ends with all four friends on call and wishing each other "happy new year."

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Ayan Mukerji


Eros International


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