Students and teacher interacting in a classroom setting

Building stronger, more resilient communities

We partner with nonprofits and governments to address the sources of inequality in our communities.

A Microsoft employee volunteering with Missing Maps nonprofit organization

Tech for social impact

Over 3 million nonprofits are working to address the most challenging issues facing our world. We’re committed to ensuring technology helps them achieve greater impact. We provide a comprehensive set of secured, reliable, and trusted cloud solutions that enable nonprofit organizations to digitally transform and better serve their missions.

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A group of Microsoft employees volunteering at American Red Cross during National Volunteer Week

Employee engagement

Microsoft employees give generously to empower those most in need in our local communities and our world. Employee giving is part of our culture and how we live our mission.

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CONIN uses Azure to identify and reach at-risk families

Humanitarian action

Worldwide, over 65 million people have fled their homes to escape violence and persecution, and even more have been affected by natural disasters. We‘re investing in and partnering with nonprofit organizations that provide humanitarian relief to displaced people and other vulnerable populations around the world.

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Microsoft calls for US to eliminate the rural broadband gap within five years

Connecting America

Microsoft has called for a new rural broadband strategy to connect rural America to new opportunities and eliminate the rural broadband gap within 5 years.

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See it in action

Learn more about how Microsoft programs and partner organizations are empowering communities.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada are giving confidence to young people to achieve more.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Canada

Microsoft Teams gives Big Brother Big Sisters of Canada the tools they need to improve efficiency and communication, so they can focus on what matters—giving young people the confidence to achieve more.

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Microsoft employees use devices at One Week Hackathon

Hack for Good

At the annual One Week Hackathon, employees hack alongside nonprofit organizations to address some of the biggest challenges facing the world.

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Farhad Agajan giving back to refugee community.

Mercy Corps

Farhad Agajan works with Mercy Corps as a field officer in refugee camps while he finishes high school and learns computer programming—building hope, resilience, and grit.

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Microsoft partners with National 4-H Council to help train people on the latest technology

National 4-H Council

Microsoft has developed a vital partnership with the National 4-H Council to help train people on the latest technology, so they can use connectivity to transform communities.

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