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Mobile Sickle Cell Diagnostic Tool

In Uganda, 30,000 babies are born with sickle cell anemia each year and, of those children, 80% will die before the age of five. AfriGal Tech, a group of female technologists from Uganda, is hoping to change that. mDex is a diagnostic tool that uses smartphone technology to detect the presence of sickle cells.

How It Works

  • A blood sample is collected from a patient. This sample is smeared on a slide.

  • A smartphone is then used to take a picture of the slide. Basic information is also gathered from the patient and entered into the app.

  • The picture is then optimized to reduce visual noise. mDex analyzes shapes and contours, and measures the blood cells. This allows the algorithm to identify sickle cells.

  • Data from photographic imagery helps to identify properties of interest in the image, then the algorithm identifies sickle cells and delivers a prognosis without the presence of a hematologist.

Meet AfriGal Tech

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