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Care N Grow

Children’s Health-Screening App

350 million students in India do not have access to preventative health care and wellness exams. Dr. Meghana Kambham is hoping to change that with an affordable and scalable solution that can monitor children’s health and stop preventable diseases before they start.

How It Works

  • Using educators to provide continuous medical monitoring, schools are trained on the Care N Grow System to regularly assess students throughout their schooling years.

  • Tools used include questionnaires, health report cards, biomedical sensing, imaging technologies, and smartphone connectivity. Data is input into a support system (CDSS) for analysis.

  • If the system identifies any abnormalities, the database provides recommendations for the best course of action and notifies the child’s parents. All data is stored to provide a historical medical background for future care.

  • The system suggests a course of action and long-term Behavior Change Techniques to encourage good health and helps teachers, parents, and students prioritize and take charge of their health, empowering them to be change agents for their communities to flourish.

Meet Dr. Meghana Kambham

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