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Text-to-Braille Converter

Despite the fact that there are over 285 million visually impaired people around the world, there are no available products in the market to provide real-time text-to-braille translation. A group of young female inventors are aiming to change that.

How It Works

  • The device scans a page of printed text and returns an image of the text.

  • The device then uses the Computer Vision API in Microsoft Cognitive Services to interpret digital text from the image.

  • The digital text is converted to braille on the device, where the individual pins move up or down to form braille characters.

  • Users can scan any length of text and pan through the lines of braille on the display via buttons on Tactile. With Tactile, individuals who are visually impaired are given the opportunity to read almost anything from books to magazines to pamphlets and menus in real-time.

Meet Team Tactile

Picture of six girls.