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A DigiGirlz volunteer explains a computer science lesson to students in France.

A DigiGirlz volunteer explains a computer science lesson to students in France.

Microsoft YouthSpark

Microsoft YouthSpark is a global initiative to increase access for all youth to learn computer science, empowering them to achieve more for themselves, their families and their communities.

Three years ago, we launched Microsoft YouthSpark, a cross-company initiative that created educational, employment and entrepreneurial opportunities for more than 300 million youth around the world. We will continue to work in partnership with governments, nonprofit organizations and businesses as we now focus this initiative on providing opportunities for all youth to learn computer science.

Why computer science?

As technology has become an integral part of people’s daily lives around the world, we’re seeing a growing demand – from students, parents, teachers, governments, and nonprofits – to teach youth not only how to use technology, but also how to create technology to help them become the innovators and drivers of growth and opportunity in their communities.

The goal of computer science education is not, necessarily, for everyone to become a computer scientist or a software engineer. We believe all young people should have access to computer science education so they can learn this foundational subject matter and develop the computational-thinking and problem-solving skills that are critical for their future. Regardless of the career they pursue, young people globally will benefit from understanding how technology works as well as how to create, apply and use it. And for those young people who are excited about pursuing a career utilizing computer science, we will show them how Microsoft can help them build their futures.

Our commitment

We will create opportunities for youth around the world to learn computer science by building the capacity of teachers, trainers and nonprofit organizations. This includes programs, such as TEALS, which pairs volunteers from across the technology industry with classroom teachers to bring computer science courses into 170+ high schools across the United States. It also includes support for our nonprofit partners in more than 70 countries around the world to help them build capacity to offer computer science courses broadly in their communities, especially to young people who, otherwise, would not have access to a computer education.

We will seek to inspire young people to pursue a career enabled by technology and connect them to greater opportunities, through campaigns, such as the Hour of Code, and events such as DigiGirlz and YouthSpark Live. In addition, we will connect youth to the full suite of Microsoft Imagine tools, resources, and programs.

Explore the YouthSpark Hub to learn more about all of these programs and resources and read stories about how young people around the world are seizing opportunities to build a better future for themselves and for all of us.

  • YouthSpark Hub

  • YouthSpark Stars


  • 30+ free programs and resources to help youth learn computer science.

    Students in New York City learn about robotics at YouthSpark Live, a traveling computer science education event series.

  • Read the stories of incredible young people making a difference in their communities.

    Genevieve mentors girls and young women in Canada and helps them learn more about STEM education and careers.

  • TEALS pairs tech professionals with educators to team-teach computer science in U.S. high schools.

    Through the TEALS program, Juanita High School in Kirkland, WA now teaches computer science courses.