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3 key updates for the Power Platform return to the workplace solution

In July, we introduced the Microsoft Power Platform return to the workplace solution to help customers safely reopen facilities. Since that time, customers and partners from over 45 countries have been leveraging the solution to meet their unique needs. As we continue to advance the solution, we are working closely with our customers and partners to ensure we are continuously listening and implementing new capabilities that meet their needs and streamline their experience.

Today, we are announcing the release of new features and capabilities to the return to workplace solution, including location management, employee bookings, and a new workplace care management dashboard.

1. Location Management

With this update, we are introducing a new Location Management capability designed to enable companies to better manage facility occupancy and arrivals, ensuring effective social distancing. Facility managers can partition workspace into floors and areas based on adjusted designs and establish capacity limits for each. Area capacity can also be limited by phase. These limits establish how many passes can be issued daily to ensure adherence to safety constraints. With this update, the solution can connect with building badging systems to reconcile passes issued against building visits. Finally, leaders can view the overall facility capacity available globally and the current demand for that space as workers return.

A new Location Management capability enables companies to better manage facility occupancy and arrivals

2. Employee bookings and arrivals

Employees can now book space in available buildings remotely through the application. They can choose from specific floors and areas that are available, choose arrival times to avoid high-traffic hours, attest to being symptom-free, and receive a personalized day pass that can be used for building entry.

Employees can now book space in available buildings remotely through the application

3. Workplace Care Management dashboard

With this update, we are also introducing a new Microsoft Power BI dashboard for health and safety leaders that are authorized to view employee cases across the organization. The dashboard provides an overview of all cases with filters to view specific locations. There is also focused reports for viewing cases under investigation and cases being monitored to ensure health and safety and task force leadership have a comprehensive and consolidated view.

We are introducing a new Power BI dashboard for health and safety leaders

Reopen with confidence

There is no standard handbook for reopening a business during a global pandemic. Every organization is learning daily how best to ensure safety while reopening their work locations. Power Platform gives customers the tools necessary to quickly adapt, modify, and extend the return to the workplace solution to address emerging needs and embrace new ideas. We will continue to provide solution updates with new capabilities and features, to ensure every customer has what they need to reopen with confidence.


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