Announcing public preview of ESLint rules for Power Apps and Dynamics 365

In 2019, we announced the general availability of Solution Checker. This helped many of you analyze your solutions and packages for any issues in your customizations. We got feedback from you that this is very valuable in finding and addressing issues before deploying to production environments.

Today we’re taking a step further and bringing these validations to your development environment to help you find and fix issues in your JavaScript code before being added to a solution. We are excited to announce the public preview of ESLint rules for Power Apps model-driven apps and Dynamics 365 CE.

How to get it?

If you already have the ESLint extension for Visual Studio Code installed, you can get started by adding Power Apps ESLint npm package name and version in package.json in the build tools. Note that the version number will change when this becomes generally available.

Power Apps ESLint npm installation in VS code

Next step is to configure the ESLint rules in the eslintrc file.

eslintrc file

How does it work?

When the npm packaged is installed and the ESLint rules are configured in the eslintrc file, any violations in the code will be caught and listed in the problems console automatically. Hovering over the issue in code will show a detailed description of the violation, corrections needed, and a link to a document that provides more details.

Power Apps ESLint rules in VS Code

Call to action

Install Power Apps ESLint npm package in your development environment and try it. Refer to the documentation to learn more about the rules and detailed instructions.

Please share your feedback/suggestions in this thread.