Announcing the general availability of Managed Environments

We are pleased to announce the general availability of Managed Environments.

Enabling people with diverse technical and nontechnical skills to contribute to the development process through low-code tools has unlocked an explosion of apps. While low-code has accelerated companies’ abilities to innovate, it has also introduced new dimensions to scaling and managing your developer community.

For IT, the rapid growth of apps brings new challenges of managing, securing, and governing these decentralized technology stacks. With so many apps being created, we need to make sure they are secure and scalable. Figuring out the right way to balance governance without stifling innovation is not easy. That’s why we created Managed Environments—to make it easier than ever to govern low-code apps and ensure they’re safe for the entire organization. With just a few clicks, IT administrators can immediately light up features that give more visibility, more control, and require less effort to manage all of their low-code assets.

Dive deeper in our Managed Environments general availability announcement and learn how you can gain more visibility and control over your application ecosystem today.