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Community Blog Highlights: February & March 2018

Have you visited the Power Apps Community blog lately? Along with rapidly growing forums, video gallery content, and product ideas, the Community blog is a platform for you to share your insights and skills with peers, industry leaders, PowerApps experts, MVPs and us here on the PowerApps team at Microsoft!

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February Posts 

Drumroll please! Now—without further or do—let’s check out the fantastic posts written in February AND March!


Part 3: How I migrated my Access Web App to PowerApps by Daniel Christian

Part 3 of Daniel Christian’s multiple-part series on how I migrated my Access Web App to PowerApps. This section focuses on building a new screen which will be used to add and edit items.

Filtering multiple column headers in PowerApps by Dawid van Heerden

Easily create multiple column based filters on any gallery or data table, while adding additional choices for items like “-All-“, “-Me-“, “-Today-” without having additional checkboxes, logic or if statements to get lost in.

Vertical menu with expand and collapse feature by Daniel Christian

This blog briefly talks about the main features used to build the vertical menu which will horizontal expand and collapse. A copy of the MSAPP has been attached for you to download and explorer.

March Posts 

PowerApps Training App – new way to learn by Michal Rok

Learn basics of controls, formulas, properties and navigation with 10 focused exercises – directly in PowerApps Studio.

PowerApps Workflow Processes Part 1: Introduction by Dawid van Heerden

PowerApps is fantastic at creating business applications FAST. Imagine the power of using this same platform to drive multi-step business processes, involving various roles, steps, and routing options. This article is Part 1 – the introduction of a 3 part series that will discuss PowerApps Workflow Processes.

PowerApps Training App – new way to learn #2 by Michal Rok

Learn PowerApps directly in PowerApps with this interactive, hands-on material. This chapter covers galleries and data filtering, sorting and searching, in 10 tasks for you to complete.

Bulk updates for a filtered gallery by Daniel Christian

This blog with the video walks you through how you can update filtered items in bulk. In this blog items bulk updates have been done in an Excel spreadsheet present in OneDrive, however, you can do the same for SharePoint lists or SQL tables.


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