Delegate the Mailbox Approval Process

I am excited to share that the mailbox approval process can now be delegated to another user instead of always requiring a Global or Exchange admin. 


Server-Side Synchronization is a feature which enables Dynamics or Power Apps users to send/receive email and synchronize appointments, contacts, and tasks with Exchange. To enable a connection to an Exchange Online mailbox, it has previously been required that the email address of the associated mailbox record be approved by a user with the Global or Exchange admin roles.

Requiring involvement from a highly privileged user such as Global admin can become a burden when new users are onboarded regularly. Most customers want to limit who can approve mailboxes in an environment, but they want to be able to delegate this responsibility instead of requiring a Global or Exchange admin.

Why does a mailbox require approval?  

When a mailbox is approved, it allows Power Apps to access the corresponding mailbox in Exchange Online. When mailbox items such as emails are created as activity records in Microsoft Dataverse, they can be visible to other users based on the privileges in their security role.  

What’s new? 

A new security role named Delegated Mailbox Approver is now available. A Global or Exchange admin can assign (delegate) this role to one or more users. A user with this role will be able to approve a mailbox without being a Global or Exchange admin. For additional details, see Delegate Mailbox Approval.  

graphical user interface, text, application, email
graphical user interface, text, application, email