May and June Webinars: Connecting to On-Premises Data, Deploying PowerApps, and more!

We’ve got a great lineup of webinars planned for May and June! Attend these free sessions to gain expertise in PowerApps, and learn more about how Power BI and Microsoft Flow can help improve your organization’s processes without a lot of overhead. Most of our webinars are delivered through YouTube, and you can subscribe to my channel to get notifications about all of these events. These webinars can also be viewed on-demand on YouTube after the event, if you’re not able to be a part of the live presentation. Please note that all webinars are listed in Pacific Time.

Check out what we’ve got planned:


Connecting to On-Premises data from PowerApps by Archana Nair

With six months of producing PowerApps applications inside of Microsoft and with our largest customers, the team has amassed a series of best practices, tips, and tricks for PowerApps development. In this week’s webinar, Archana Nair will walk you through best practices for using on-premises data gateways for connecting to on-premises data from PowerApps. You will learn how to get started and configure the on-premises data gateway, build apps easily connecting to on-premises data, troubleshoot connectivity issues, and hands on demos.


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When: 5/16/2017 10:00AM


Deploying your PowerApps applications by James Oleinik

James Oleinik, Senior Program Manager on the PowerApps team, will be presenting on how to move, deploy, and migrate your PowerApps applications across environments and tenants. In this webinar, James will cover the deployment strategies, migrating from Tenants (like Test to Production), and finish with the administration and the security best practices involved with these deployments.

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When: 5/25/2017 10:00AM


Look behind the curtain with one of the PowerApp Developers: Marie Hoeger

Looking for new ways to leverage PowerApps? In this webinar Audrie will interview one of the PowerApp developers, Marie Hoeger. We will get some insight from Marie on what inspired her to develop for Microsoft, and get some ideas on typical PowerApp use cases for science and education. We’ll demo a couple of fun apps on the topic as well!

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When: 6/1/2017 10:00AM


Deep dive on PowerApps formulas by Greg Lindhorst

Join Greg Lindhorst on a deep dive on PowerApps formulas, by the author of the entire PowerApps reference:

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When: 6/20/2017 10:00AM


Webinars for related products:


Simply Compelling – Seven Tips to Better Visualization Design

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When: 5/17/2017 10:00 AM


Power BI security deep dive by Kasper de Jonge

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When: 5/23/2017 10:00AM


What’s New, Exciting, and Coming Next for Power BI Embedded by Aviv Ezrachi

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When: 5/30/2017 10:00 AM


Power BI visualization best practices by Marco Russo

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When: 5/31/2017 10:00AM


Power BI Best Practices from the Power BI Operations Team

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When: 6/8/2017 10:00AM


Unleash the Power of Power BI – tips and tricks by Philip Seamark

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When: 6/22/2017 10:00AM