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New Model Driven Apps controls, deprecation of old controls

We’re working hard here to deliver some new controls for everyone which are more in line with modern web and mobile in mind.  The first two we’ve been able to deliver as a platform are the Toggle control and Calendar Control V2.

First added to UCI apps in Dec of 2019, the new Toggle control will replace the current Flip Switch control.  The Toggle uses Microsoft Fluent UI, which are modern controls and style for the modern web.  The properties are mostly the same except we’ve additionally added support for nulls “—” which the previous Flip Switch did not support.  The style is much tighter and now is customizable (it reacts to the current theme).

The Calendar control V2 brings a much needed refresh to UCI vs the existing calendar.  Also based on Fluent UI, the Activities calendar is a direct copy of OWA’s calendar design.   The new calendar control is also accessible, mobile and allows for items to be created directly from the control.

As these controls are GA now, we’re announcing deprecation of the deprecation of the Flip Switch and Calendar Control (V1).  We’ll also be deprecating some gauge controls, Linear Slider, Radial Knob, Arc Knob, Linear Gauge; along with the Website Preview control and the MultiSelectPicklistControl (v1).

Also deprecated is the radio button rendering mode for default Two Option Set fields which is the Flip Label (clicking the label toggles the value).  Drop Down, Checkbox mode and the new Toggle control will continue to work.

For example, we’ve received feedback that the Flip label control is difficult to determine its intended use and users commonly don’t see the options available to choose from, such as “yes / no” or “enable / disable.” Makers are encouraged to use a Toggle as a replacement control, which can more concretely define the state of the value and its polarity.

Existing radio buttons (Flip Labels) will be transitioned to drop down fields.

Other deprecated controls in existing apps won’t be replaced with new ones automatically and will continue to work within existing forms and views.  However, you will no longer be able to add the old controls to new forms and views as of 2021 Release Wave 1.  All the controls we are deprecating require explicit opt-in for individual fields so no defaults will be affected.