New Power Apps home page now generally available with expanded Copilot access

We are excited to announce that the new Power Apps home page is now generally available for all users. The new home page features a modern design that offers an intuitive and user-friendly experience. The new layout showcases the latest AI Copilot app creation flow, plus simplified “Start from” options, making it easier than ever for you to start creating apps to solve your business needs. Whether you are new to Power Apps or an experienced maker, you will find the new home page convenient for your app development journey.

Bringing Copilot to more users

We are expanding the Copilot Build apps through conversation (preview) capability, to all makers in the US region. Previously the Copilot-enabled entry point was only available to users in an environment with Dataverse permissions. Now, makers in the US will be able to use the Copilot to describe their app, customize the backing Dataverse table, and then create the app.

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If we detect that a user will run into issues to complete the app setup, they will be prompted to confirm that we can finish deploying the table and app in their own environment. If the user doesn’t already have a personal developer environment, a new developer environment will automatically be created to support the generation of the table and app. For more information, see About the Power Apps Developer Plan – Power Platform | Microsoft Learn

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In addition, the Copilot entry point will also appear in the Start with data screen, alongside other data starting points like Upload an Excel file, Start with a blank table, Select an existing table, and Connect to external data.

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To access the new home page, simply go to and sign in with your Microsoft account. You will see the new home page as the default landing page. 

We are continuously improving the maker portal experience and look forward to hearing your feedback.