Power Apps portals support additional entities in global search


Portal global search  is accessible using the search icon in your portal and allows you to search across different entities.
With April 2020 release wave 1, global search will support additional entities; including custom. 

The search is an existing feature that is widely used but till now was limited to entities such as cases, articles, forum posts, blogs and web pages only. With the Common Data Service starter portal  you were only allowed to search web pages and files; limiting implementation scenarios .

How to get started?

The search experience remains consistent with how it works today with existing entities and the configuration remains largely the same. Below are some points to give you an overview of the configuration required.

  • Enable the search using portal site settings.
  • Configure the entity, criteria of records and the fields to be indexed for search via Portal Search view.
  • Search results show records only if a user has read privilege on the entity. 
  • Use site marker to configure which page opens when user selects a record from search results page.
  • All existing settings, such as filters, work with additional entities.


Search documentation has details of the configuration and provides a prescriptive walkthrough that you can follow to configure your entity for global search