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Product Update: F&O apps now available in ISV Studio!

The ISV Studio team is thrilled to announce the release of F&O application telemetry in ISV Studio! ISV Studio is a technical benefit of the ISV Connect program and is designed to be the platform that allows an ISV to monitor the success of their published apps by providing telemetry into:

  • Usage analytics (Monthly/Daily/Weekly active usage)
  • Total Installs by Tenant/Date/Geo
  • Install Failures (Power Platform/D365 CE only)

Up until now ISV Studio showed telemetry for Customer Engagement apps but with this release, telemetry will also be available for Finance & Operations apps! With this telemetry ISVs can track & answer several questions for their organization such as:

  • Are new features being adopted?
  • Are vanity features being maintained that are no longer relevant or used?
  • What does usage over time look like?
  • Monitor trends for new releases.


For ISVs that have both CE and F&O apps, navigation between both offer types will be effortless.


F&O app pre-requisite

For Microsoft to show the above telemetry in ISV Studio for F&O apps, the following steps are required:

Step #1 – Update the SolutionID in with the ProductID of the offer in Partner Center. The ProductID  can be found in the URL in Partner Center. See screenshot below.


Step #2 – Update customers to have the latest version with above included. All customers must also be on F&O v10.0.16 or above for the telemetry to flow into ISV Studio

Once both steps above are completed ISVs can start seeing app telemetry in ISV Studio https://aka.ms/isvstudio.

To learn more about ISV Studio visit https://aka.ms/isvstudiodocs   
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