Salt Lake City and Utah PowerApps User Groups cover AI Face recognition, Data Connections, Dev Ops and more Sept

User Group Spotlight – the PowerApps & Flow User Groups are doing amazing things every day. We’re constantly impressed with the passion, dedication and creativity we see in the groups and the members of the community that lead them. This week we would like to highlight Salt Lake City and the Utah User Groups …both of which have amazing agenda’s this week:

Salt Lake City PowerApps and Flow User Group

When: Sep 12, 2019 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM (MT)

Where: Bridge Investment Group, Sandy, UT

UG Leader Greg McMurray will set the stage with a brief intro to PowerApps and Flow, followed by four awesome demos that will get you thinking:

Bryant Boyer: Did you know PowerApps can leverage cognitive services like facial recognition? See how Brainstorm explored using it as part of their company culture initiatives.

Joshua Miller: PowerApps can connect to a variety of data sources and Joshua will show how he quickly built an app to help with Human Resources.

Ben Fetters: Did you know PowerApps can upload files too? Ben will show off an app they use to upload pictures and help manage various aspects of their projects.

Rob McArthur / Marty Galvan: Did you know that PowerApps works great with Azure DevOps? See how you can quickly and easily monitor projects and your product backlog using PowerApps.

The best part of the agenda – there’s time left for you as a local member to showoff the app you have built. Come ready to learn & share!

Save your seat at the Utah PowerApps and Flow User Group meeting on September 12th!

Keep in mind there are PowerApps User Groups around the world…and likely in a city near you!

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