Simplifying license management with auto-claim for Power Apps and licensing insights for Power Automate

Introducing auto-claim for Power Apps licenses: Simplifying license management for admins

In line with our commitment to streamline license administration and empower customers to ensure compliance while optimizing their product investments, we’re excited to unveil a significant advancement in our strategy. We’re dedicated to automating license management processes, effectively easing the complexity and administrative load associated with license assignment. It is with great pleasure that we introduce the public preview of auto-claim for Power Apps licenses, a feature that empowers administrators to effortlessly set up policies within the Microsoft 365 admin center. These policies enable automatic license assignments to unlicensed users when they engage with Power Apps that require licensing.

This capability extends to Power Apps per user licenses, offering administrators the opportunity to establish auto-claim policies, much like they do for other Microsoft licenses. Once configured, this policy proactively addresses licensing needs for individual Power Apps users within the tenant.

  • Users lacking standalone Power Apps licenses who launch premium apps that mandate a premium license will have the license automatically assigned to them.
  • Additionally, users accessing apps within a managed environment, without a standalone Power Apps license, will be seamlessly granted a Power Apps per user license.

Set up auto-claim for Power Apps

How to set up auto-claim policy:

graphical user interface, text, application
graphical user interface, text, application

Refer to Microsoft Learn documentation on how to create an auto-claim policy for complete instructions.

The introduction of auto-claim for Power Apps licenses not only reduces administrative overhead but also ensures that users have the necessary licenses to fully enjoy the Power Apps experience without interruption. This feature aligns with our continuous effort to enhance customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. Stay tuned for more updates on this feature as we continue to refine and expand its capabilities for other Microsoft Power Platform products. Your feedback is invaluable as we work together to shape the future of license management within the Microsoft ecosystem.

View license consumption for Power Apps and Power Automate

We’re thrilled to announce that the Power Automate licensing experience is now available for public preview in the Power Platform admin center. This exciting development complements the existing Power Apps licensing experience that’s already in public preview. With these enhancements, administrators can now enjoy unprecedented insights and control over license consumption within their organization.

This new feature provides administrators with valuable insights and improved visibility into the consumption of Power Automate licenses. It equips administrators with the necessary tools to effectively track and manage licenses.

It provides answers to critical licensing questions, including:

  • Which licenses are used to execute flows in a specific environment?
    With this comprehensive view, administrators can easily identify the licenses actively utilized for running flows in a selected environment. This insight is invaluable for optimizing license allocation and ensuring efficient resource utilization.
  • Which flows do not comply with licensing requirements?
    This feature acts as a guardian of compliance, helping administrators identify flows that do not meet the necessary licensing requirements. It highlights any flows that may be running without the appropriate licensing, allowing administrators to take corrective action and ensure compliance with licensing policies.

How to access the experience

Use the Billings (preview) > Licenses (preview) page in the Power Platform admin center to monitor the consumption of your organization’s Power Apps and Power Automate licenses and easily spot environments that might have licensing issues. Get answers to questions like these:

  • What types of licenses are being used to launch apps?
  • What licenses are being used to execute flows?
  • How many users are actively consuming Power Apps or Power Automate licenses in a specific environment?
  • Who are the users who are actively consuming Power Apps licenses or Power Automate licenses?
  • Are there users in my environment who need standalone Power Apps or Power Automate licenses?
  • Which flows are out of compliance?

Incorporating these insights into your licensing strategy can lead to cost savings and more efficient utilization of your Power Apps and Power Automate licenses.

Private preview of Power Apps licensing experience tenant view

Exciting news! We’re also starting the private preview of the Power Apps licensing experience tenant view, which provides Power Apps license consumption details across the entire tenant. This broader view allows you to gain insights into how Power Apps licenses are utilized across your organization.

Sign up for the private preview to be among the first to explore this powerful feature and further enhance your organization’s licensing management.

The introduction of this new licensing consumption view is a significant step forward for administrators managing Power Apps and Power Automate licenses. It empowers them with the data they need to make informed decisions, optimize license allocation, and maintain compliance effortlessly. These features are designed to simplify the complex world of licensing, making it easier than ever to ensure your organization is getting the most value from its investments.

Take control of license consumption

Ready to take control of your license consumption and compliance? Head over to the Power Platform Admin Center, explore the Billings (preview) > Licenses (preview) page, and unlock a new level of visibility and control over your Power Apps and Power Automate licenses.