Simplifying the Microsoft Power Platform Custom Connector Creation from Azure API Management

As the API economy continues to accelerate, we at Microsoft, want to help you accelerate your digital transformation processes. We would like to announce the ability to create a Power Connector directly from Azure API Management.

What is Azure API Management?

Azure API management is a fully managed service that enables organizations to publish, secure, transform, maintain, and monitor APIs. Simply put, it is an API gateway, which helps you manage APIs that are home grown from other solutions providers or other serverless resources like Service Bus queues and topics, Azure Storage, and others.

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Figure 1: Azure API Management on Azure Portal

The benefit of such an API gateway, is that it is a centralized location for the all the APIs your organization wants you to use in a secure and curated way. You can have multiple instances of such API gateway, as in one for development, test, and production just like you can such environments for Power Platform.

Figure 2: Example of mapping different API Management Instances with Different Power Platform Environments

Simplifying the Power Platform custom connector creation from API Management

We have now further simplified the process of creating custom connectors from API Management, by providing intuitive UI capabilities for Azure developers to push their APIs as custom connectors into Power Platform

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Figure 3: Power Platform Custom Connector Wizard in API Management

Once a developer clicks on the create connector button, you then specify the target environment in Power Platform, where you want to create the custom connector and you are done ! It is just that simple!

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Figure 4: Creating a custom connector in my target environment for Power Platform

As always, we are eager to hear your feedback on these capabilities we are delivering, please reach out to us via or via the Powerusers Community