AI Builder GPT Prompts are generally available

We are excited to announce that GPT Prompts with Prompt Builder, a new feature of AI Builder, is now generally available! GPT Prompts are powerful tools that enable you to add Generative AI capabilities to your apps and automated workflows. With GPT Prompts, you can easily add content processing and content generation capabilities to Power Automate and fast-track how you process e-mails, documents and other textual data. This feature allows you to perform tasks such as e-mail classification, summarization, draft content generation, data transformation and much more. With GPT Prompts, you can tailor Generative AI capabilities to your company’s business needs and achieve greater productivity. 

What are Prompts? 

Prompts are the instructions that we can give to large language models (LLMs) like GPT to perform specific tasks. The more precise the instructions we give, the better GPT performs at executing the tasks. To allow companies to create effective prompts we’ve created a new tool, Prompt Builder, a low-code prompt engineering interface that is seamlessly integrated in Power Automate. 
Customers are already excited about the perspectives that Generative AI can bring to Power Automate. Epiq, a global leader in technology-enabled services, has set a new standard with its innovative use of Generative AI by applying it to transform their HR operations. “With AI Builder in Power Automate, we added a model that cleans up formatting of new employee submission forms. This allows us to process more efficiently at scale – and it works flawlessly. says Colt Coan, Senior Manager of Rapid Development, Epiq. Want le learn more? Read Epiq’s customer story article.

How to build a Prompt 

To access Prompt Builder, start by adding the “Create text with GPT using a prompt” action from the AI Builder connector:  
AI Builder GPT action
You’ll then be able to use Prompt Builder, AI Builder’s new low-code prompt engineering interface, to create your instructions to GPT that will be executed during the workflow. 
We’ve added examples of Prompts to help you get started. Common scenarios include: 

  • Classify Text: E-mail classification and case routing. 
  • Summarize Text: Summarization of e-mails, contracts or meeting notes. 
  • Extract action points from text: Identify upsell/cross-sell opportunities and next best actions. 
  • Extract information from text: Understand customer requests to automate sales quotes and proposals. 
  • Respond to a complaint: Draft e-mail responses to fast-track support case management. 

Start from Pre-built AI Prompts
When creating a prompt, you’ll be able to add dynamic values in the instructions so that the Prompt can automatically be executed over new data, for example an incoming e-mail. 

Prompt Builder with dynamic values
In the body of the prompt, you’ll be able to craft your GPT instructions, add multiple dynamic values, define the output format you want, and test your prompt with sample data:
Prompt Testing and Validation
Once you’re happy with the way your prompt performs, you can save your prompt for future use. You’ll be able to access all your saved Prompts along with a library of pre-built Prompts from the new AI Prompts page. Prompts can be shared with other users, added to solutions for cross-environment deployment, and invoked across other products like Power Apps or Copilot Studio. To learn more about how to create effective Prompts, refer to our new Prompt engineering guide.

Human in the loop validation 

Content generated by AI can include mistakes and surprises, so it’s important to make sure it is accurate and appropriate before using it. To facilitate this process, you can include GPT-generated text in an approval flow that allows you to validate and edit the content before using it: 
Human in the loop validation
Approval workflows to validate GPT content are highly recommended but no longer mandatory now that the feature is generally available. 

Available in the United States, Australia, UK, and Europe  

GPT Prompts and Prompt Builder will be generally available this week across the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, and Europe. 
GPT Prompts currently leverage the GPT-3.5-Turbo model from Azure’s OpenAI Service, meaning your prompts and outputs: 

  • are NOT available to other customers. 
  • are NOT available to OpenAI. 
  • are NOT used to improve OpenAI models. 
  • are NOT used to improve any Microsoft or 3rd party products or services. 
  • are NOT used for automatically improving Azure OpenAI models for your use in your resource

Please reference the Azure OpenAI Service data, privacy and security documentation for details on how your data will be processed, used and stored with GPT Prompts. 

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