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Announcing public preview of Power Automate’s newest Android mobile app version

We are excited to announce a new version of the Power Automate Android app is now available in public preview! Based on your feedback, we are redesigning the app to deliver a new UI that is more consistent with the look and feel of the Power Automate web portal, while also improving some existing experiences. In this preview, you’ll notice upgrades like quicker response times, easier navigation, and improvements to previous login issues that some of you encountered. Now it’ll be easier than ever to take Power Automate with you on the go!

Preview functionality

As before, the app allows you to run your instant flows (formerly known as “button” flows) with the tap of a finger- including support for widgets so you can create shortcuts to your instant flows on your mobile device’s home screen! You can also view and respond to approvals while you’re away from your desk, send and receive push notifications, see the run history of your flows, etc.

Screenshots of mobile app instant flows, approvals, and notifications

Left: Quickly trigger an instant flow, Middle: Easily view and respond to approvals, Right: View your flow notifications and alerts

You may notice the app no longer supports flow creation and editing in this version. We heard from your experience that you need the full functionality of the Power Automate web portal when building or changing flows. So, if you’re on the go and need to create or edit, you can login to Power Automate on your mobile’s browser.

We also learned that location-based trigger (geofencing) was not very commonly used, so we have focused on improving other experiences in the app. As such, the preview version of the Android app no longer supports this functionality (which was a preview feature and not generally available).

How to join the preview

Important: You must have the Power Automate app already installed on your device before you can get the beta version.

To download the preview version of the app, visit the Google Play Store from the Personal tab on your device and search for “Power Automate”. Open the app page, under “Join the beta “, tap “Join”.

If you are already on the beta version and set up on automatic updates, you will get this new preview version of the app automatically over the week as we rollout gradually.

Provide feedback

These changes are based directly on your feedback, so we would love to hear what you think of this new version! You can leave a review and rating in the Google Play Store. Visit the Power Automate app page, under “Private feedback to developer”, tap “Write feedback”. Rate the app and describe your experience and/or provide any feedback. We appreciate your response!

For more details about this new version of the Android app, please review the documentation.

Note: We look forward to updating the iOS Power Automate app in the future as well. This preview is only for the Power Automate Android app.

Happy Automating!