April 2023 update of Power Automate for desktop

We are happy to announce that the April 2023 update of Power Automate for desktop (version 2.31) has been released! You can download the latest release here. New features and updates have been added, as described below.

Testing the selectors of UI elements is now available during flow authoring

Users can now test and validate the selectors of UI elements through the selectors screen, to make sure the specified selector is valid and functional, without having to run the flow. The respective element should be available on the screen for the testing to be successful.

Test selectors

Cross-domain iframe web elements are now supported

Cross-domain iframe web elements can now be properly accessed in browser automation scenarios, providing visibility over the individual elements they contain in a web page.

Keyboard shortcuts have been introduced to run desktop flows

Hotkey triggers are now available for desktop flows, so that they can start running in local attended mode with the specified key combination shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts

A keyboard shortcut can now also be set to pause/resume a running flow.

Actionable runtime error messages are now available for Excel actions

In the flow designer, runtime errors in actions belonging to the Excel module are now more actionable, including some remediation steps to help resolve the respective issues. The corresponding error dialog has also been redesigned for all the actions’ runtime errors.

Runtime error messages

GA of SharePoint connector actions

The SharePoint connector actions have now become generally available for all users.


Hoping that you will find the above updates useful, please feel free to provide your questions and feedback in the Power Automate Community. If you want to learn more about Power Automate Desktop, get started with the below resources: