Automate smarter than ever before with AI Builder and Copilot in Power Automate

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Microsoft Power Automate boosts efficiency and digitizes tedious business processes. As a low-code automation platform, it’s critical that it’s easy for you to get started since there are so many processes in the business that can be automated. In October of 2022 we released the Describe it to design it feature where you can write a simple sentence and get a flow based on this description. This feature makes it faster to build better flows: it takes only 50 percent of the time to create a flow, and flows are 1.8x more likely to run in the next week compared to building from blank. Today, we have two announcements on how we’re bringing more intelligence throughout Microsoft Power Platform and Power Automate specifically.

Copilot in Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate will make it possible for you to not just describe a flow to create, but also improve and iterate on your flows with AI-driven conversations. This next-generation AI based Copilot in Power Automate will sit right inside of the flow studio and help out with every flow that’s being built or changed.

Copilot in Power Automate will allow open ended and conversational experiences while authoring your flows. As you build, you’ll be able to ask questions and get assistance making improvements and changes. You won’t need any special knowledge of how Power Automate works—simply by using natural language you’ll be able to build and enhance everything from a simple flow to a complex, robust enterprise-wide process.

Power Automate is advancing to the next step in the evolution of code abstraction: moving from custom code to low code to natural language authoring, with the arrival of your personal next-generation AI copilot in Power Automate. This will allow human and machine to work together and empower every person on the planet to build transformative automation in a language that is naturally understood.

You can get started today with the preview for Describe it to design it—now available in the EU in addition to the US. And stay tuned as we release more Copilot features in the coming months.

Create text with GPT in Power Automate—on the Desktop too!

Makers are not the only people who need to use the power of next-generation AI, anyone using automation also needs intelligence built into the processes themselves. Last week, we announced that AI Builder now brings Azure OpenAI Service to its user-friendly interface, enabling makers to use a new low-code generative AI model and templates in Power Automate cloud flows. Today we are announcing two new places you can use generative AI: in your apps with a next-generation control, and in Power Automate for desktop:

There is a new AI Builder action that you can use in your desktop flows called Create text with GPT, just like in cloud flows today. This new action will make it possible to do things like:

  • Content creation: creating for daily communications to teams or on social media
  • Customer service: gather feedback (be it positive, neutral, or negative) and respond accordingly
  • Back office: fast extraction of information (such as phone number, address, and amount) from large text and documents saving hours of manual and unreliable scraping
  • And much much more!

This is just the first AI Builder action that we are adding to Power Automate for Desktop, in the coming months we will make it possible to call any AI model from your desktop flows. Get started using generative AI in your cloud or desktop flows by signing up for the preview.

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