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Catch ALL The Microsoft Flow Conference Sessions ON-DEMAND!

Hello Flow Fans!

The Microsoft Flow Conference was an amazing event, full of useful demos, great humor and MOUNTAINS of valuable information!

We had 16 sessions ranging from beginner to intermediate all the way to into advanced techniques. We also had sessions that focused on the community, on real world scenarios and even about non-connected connectors.

We had 6,500 Registrations, over 10,000 views already on YouTube, We trended on Twitter for 2 hours, and reached over 300,000 people!!

Now that the event is over, be sure to go back and check out the sessions you might have missed or the ones you need to re-watch!

Without further adieu, here is the list of sessions as they happened through the day. **For added value, be sure and pay attention to the chat box on the right. That was the questions and comments as the live event was happening!



Meet Microsoft Flow  – Melissa Hubbard
Have you been hearing a lot about this Microsoft Flow thing and not sure what it is or where to start? Look no further! This session will give you an overview of Microsoft Flow’s capabilities and features. You will leave knowing exactly how to get started using Microsoft Flow.
Flow Buttons | What & How – Jerry Weinstock
I will go over everything you wanted to know about Microsoft Flow Buttons. I will walk you through how to create a Flow Button, the design, triggers, input, actions and output. Then walk you through creating your first Button driven Flow.
PowerApps And Flow, Better Together – Mark Stokes
PowerApps? Awesome. Flow? Awesome. PowerApps + Flow? Mind blown! You can do a lot of processing in PowerApps, but sometimes you just hit the limit that’s too hard or not possible. But did you know that you PowerApps can call a Flow for complex middleware processing? This session will show you how to call Flow and receive a response.

How we use Microsoft Flow: Real world use cases  – Sandro Pereira
We know that all business problem can be solved with a variety of technologies and different solutions. However, sometimes developing that type of solutions has traditionally been too costly and time-consuming for many of the need’s teams and departments face, especially those projects that are internally for organizations to use or for a short time period. As a result, many of these projects or solutions will be on the shelf or in the imaginary of the collaborators.
They are in Dynamics 365, Office 365, on premises, on the cloud… they are everywhere, and they are fantastic! Developers can do it; IT can do it… you can do it!
5 Tips when Introducing Microsoft Flow to your customers  – Kent Weare
In this session, Kent will go over 5 tips that every organization should consider when introducing Microsoft Flow and PowerApps into your organization. This session will focus on security, governance, analytics and administration

Microsoft Flow’s unconnected connectors – Sandy Ussia
In this session, we’ll explore the “connectors” (triggers and actions) that don’t connect to a service but which are quite useful… This includes random things like Schedule, Date Time, Flow button, Control, and more. You’ll learn how to use them in your flows, their various options, and look at some demo use cases to give you more ideas.

Upgrade your skills: Modern out-of-box Approvals – Laura Rogers
Do your business users need a way to easily use approval workflows? Microsoft Flow presents a great opportunity to modernize and increase the capabilities of your automated business processes, and upgrade from the old way of doing things in SharePoint Designer. The requirements of your workflows may range from simple to complex, and they all vary when it comes to flexibility and functionality. In this session, learn the most useful capabilities of Microsoft Flow, when it comes to approval processes, and how to successfully build your next automation. Learn how to transition from workflows with SharePoint 2010 out-of-box workflows or SharePoint Designer task actions, to the new way with Microsoft Flow.
Use your on-prem data with Microsoft Flow – Daniel Glenn
Microsoft Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps are powerful cloud tools that can take your on-premises data, stored in systems like SQL and SharePoint, to new heights. Using your data where it is now gives you the ability to invest in improving processes, instead of focusing on a data migration strategy.
In this session, we will setup a data gateway, connect to on-premises data sources, and discuss how to use that data in Office 365 to create rich business solutions. You will walk-away from this session with the knowledge you need to immediately start using your on-premises data with Office 365.
Express Yourself: Building Expressions with Flow – Fausto Capellan Jr.
Since becoming generally available, Microsoft Flow has become the tool of choice to automate common tasks and business processes across many applications and services, such as Office 365, Salesforce, Dynamics 365 and many more. All these applications and services provide a rich set of triggers and actions, but there are times where business processes need to extend the functionality of these actions. This is all possible by using Expressions. In this session, the audience will learn about Expressions, where they can be used, their limitations, and the functions available. Additionally, the audience will see different Expression examples that range from basic to advanced.
Intro to the HTTP Flow Action – April Dunnam
There are hundreds of connectors available at your disposal to use in Flow and PowerApps. But what if you need to get data from a system that there isn’t a connector for? This session will show how to leverage the HTTP request action in Flow to return data from a REST API.

Flow is for Fun! – Jon Liu
Sometimes, Flow isn’t about productivity, nor is it about enterprise workflows.

Sometimes, we make Flow for fun.
* Pick your own adventure
* Football notification service
* Flow and… Minecraft?
Dream, then make Flows
Real World Flow – Scott Shearer
Looking for practical solutions to common issues encountered when writing Flows for SharePoint? Then this session is for you. Our time will be devoted to working through actual questions asked by and problems encountered by Flow makers in the real world. We will explain the issues and look at each solution in detail.

Patterns and Practices from #DoctorFlow – Serge Luca
2 years after being released, Microsoft Flow has reached a great level of maturity and flexibility that makes it an awesome tool for building real corporate applications and to energize your Office 365. Based on his experience of many flow projects, Serge Luca aka ‘#DoctorFlow’ will summarize several good practices and Flow issues that you need to be aware of before starting a Flow project. WARNING: You need some Flow experience before attending this session
Manage the creation of Microsoft Teams using PowerApps and Microsoft Flow – Daniel Laskewitz
During this session, Business Solutions MVP Daniel Laskewitz will show you how to implement a solution with Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint, and Approvals! This will be a demo-heavy session, where Daniel will show how you all components of this solution and how they fit together.
Use Flow to Drive your Car and Interact with API’s – Shane Young
In this session, you will learn how you can build and App that leverages the Tesla APIs to query, unlock, and even start a car. While that makes for exciting content, the bulk of the fun is actually talking about how Flow makes working with APIs so much easier for the non-developer. I am not a developer, so not fancy code here, just actions and some guy named Jason without the A. Should be fun.

Flow in the Real World: Taking SharePoint, PowerApps and Teams to New Heights! – Paul Culmsee
This session will prove that Flow is not only ready for industrial strength use-cases, but is already being at scale. 

In this session, Paul will cover a highly innovative knowledge-management case study in the construction industry. Leveraging the respective strengths of Flow, PowerApps, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, this solution enables many geographically separate teams to share safety-related insights, news, lessons and key documents while out in the field – all from their phone.
This case study is a great example of how the combination of Microsoft online tools not only produces a compelling solution that is greater than the sum of the parts, but also shows how this can be done much cheaper than the traditional custom development approach.
Flow is the key enabler for this solution and Paul will specifically cover how it was used to bring out the best in PowerApps, SharePoint and Teams. 
If you are looking for inspiration from a compelling use-case for your own organization? This session is for you.