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Discover exciting new experiences and capabilities in process advisor

We are announcing many exciting new experiences and capabilities in process advisor to empower you to visualize your process and get deeper insights to identify bottlenecks and optimization and automation opportunities.

Process advisor brings the generally available task mining capability, which provides insights across individual workflows, together with process mining to provide organizations with a holistic view of company-wide bottlenecks and inefficiencies. Process advisor ties together the insights from your business processes with low-code automation in Power Automate.

Seamlessly generate Cloud flow Insights

You can now gain insights on and improve your cloud flows with the help of process mining. With a few easy clicks, you can visualize your flow’s performance, identify bottlenecks and optimization opportunities, and monitor for business drifts. You can generate these insights directly from the flow details page by having process advisor analyze your flow-run history with process mining techniques.

Easily onboard data with Templates

Process advisor templates allow you to quickly get insights on your processes; you can now skip requirements and hurdles. With templates like Azure Dev Ops, Power Apps and Desktop Flows you can now visualize and manage the processes that are central to running your organization in a matter of clicks. Get started now!!


Visualize your process and act with deeper insights

With the new time analysis report you can drill down into time bottlenecks to understand the root cause and take the best action to optimize and automate your process.

Collaborate to amplify impact from learnings

People are often amazed by how dense event logs transform into visual process maps and analytics. You can share the learnings with others by inviting them to your process. You can search for any user in your tenant to invite to your environment and process. For data processes, the viewer role grants the invited user read access to the process analytics and the ability to invite others with the viewer role. Recording-based processes have roles focused on managing recordings.

Get to Insights faster with Auto generated grouping

Process advisor now support auto creating activities from the recording. We automatically group related recorded actions into a single activity and create a label that accurately describes the user’s action.

Experience process mining in action with our quick walk-through of a few examples from supply chain and finance processes: Accounts receivable and Order to Cash.

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