Power Automate for desktop – April 2022 update

We are happy to announce that the April 2022 update of Power Automate for desktop (version 2.19) has been released! You can download the latest release here. New features and updates have been added, as described below.

Built-in examples are now available

Power Automate for desktop users will now be able to have example desktop flows available for execution in their console, so that they can easily start familiarizing themselves with the product and get value without building complex flows.

Examples in Power Automate for desktop

Ready to run examples will help in troubleshooting, understanding the basics, and getting an idea of how a desktop flow is built.

Cloud or Region picker is now supported in the console

Power Automate for desktop users, belonging to more than one cloud or region, will now have the ability to choose the region they want to connect to, during sign in, provided that the respective registry key is adjusted accordingly.

New action ‘Hover mouse over UI element in window’

UI automation in Power Automate for desktop is enhanced with a new action, ‘Hover mouse over UI element in window’. This action imitates the user step of hovering the mouse pointer over a UI element in a window.

Hover mouse over UI element in window action

Support of physical keyboard interaction in ‘Populate text field on web page’ action

The action ‘Populate text field on web page’ is now enhanced with an extra parameter, with the name ‘Populate text sending physical keystrokes’. When enabled, Power Automate for desktop populates the text field by imitating the user’s keystrokes on a keyboard. Physical keystrokes are required for cases where sending the text through Javascript doesn’t perform the intentional action on the text field.

Physical keystrokes in populate text field on web page action

Improved recorder performance

Tracking elements during recording will now be faster and more accurate, improving the recorder’s performance accordingly.

As a tradeoff, the action ‘Drag and drop UI element in window’ can’t be generated anymore by the recorder. For that matter, Process advisor users, who are interested in this functionality, should refrain from using this version of Power Automate for desktop.

Hoping that you will find the above updates useful, please feel free to provide your questions and feedback in the Power Automate Community. If you want to learn more about Power Automate Desktop, get started with the below resources: