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Power Automate UI Flows December 2019 update is now available

We are glad to announce that the December 2019 update for Power Automate UI flows (preview) is now available. This is a follow up to the initial release announced on November 4th at Microsoft Ignite for which we’ve seen substantial interest and usage. (For details on the November release, please see Charles’s blog)

In this update, we have added new supports for International Keyboard Layout Support and UI Localizations, as well as addressed some playback issues.

List of supported keyboard layouts:

  • US keyboard – English (United States)
  • US keyboard – English (Australia)
  • US keyboard – English (Canada)
  • Microsoft Pinyin – Chinese (Simplified Han, China)
  • German keyboard – German (Germany)
  • Microsoft IME – Japanese (Japan)
  • United Kingdom keyboard – English (United Kingdom)
  • French keyboard – French (France)
  • Russian keyboard – Russian (Russia)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT) keyboard – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Portuguese (Brazilian ABNT2) keyboard – Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Microsoft IME – Korean (South Korea)
  • Spanish keyboard – Spanish (Spain)
  • Italian keyboard – Italian (Italy)
  • Latin American keyboard – Spanish (Mexico)
  • Polish (Programmers) keyboard – Polish (Poland)
  • United States-International keyboard – Dutch (Netherlands)
  • Turkish Q keyboard – Turkish (Turkey)
  • India keyboard – English (India)
List of UI localization languages:
Basque French Latvian Slovak
Bulgarian Galician Lithuanian Slovenian
Catalan German Malay Spanish
Chinese (Simplified) Greek Norwegian Swedish
Chinese (Traditional) Hindi Polish Thai
Croatian Hungarian Portuguese (Brazil) Turkish
Czech Indonesian Portuguese (Portugal) Ukrainian
Danish Italian Romanian Vietnamese
Dutch Japanese Russian
Estonian Kazakh Serbian (Cyrillic, Serbia)
Finnish Korean Serbian (Latin, Serbia)

Example of International keyboard layout support and UI Localizations

How to get the new updates:

To take advantage of the new updates, you will need to have the latest UI flows agent installed on your desktop. You will need to do either of the following:

  1. If you have never installed UI flows agent before, you could just download and install the latest installer by creating a UI flow. Here are the documentation and tutorials to help you get started with Power Automate.
  2. If you have already installed UI flows agent from previous November release, you will need to manually upgrade by downloading the new installer from the download center and run it directly. We look forward to providing automatic notification about new software updates in a future update.

Known issues:

  1. We are continuing the worldwide rollout of this feature for existing environments, which is expected to complete by end of January. For now, you may need to create a new CDS environment to try out the UI flows preview.
  2. Currently UI flows (preview) does not support recording/playback/UI Interaction with Input Method Editors.
  3. Some special key combinations with Shift key on international keyboard layouts are not supported in some languages.  If you have to use that, you can try the workaround by editing the key in UI flow action in Portal after recording and manually adding the Unicode character for these items.
  4. More known issues are documented here


  1. If you can not see the Gateway that you created in list of available Gateway, one common cause is due to the Gateways cannot be visible across different Geo boundaries due to data privacy requirements. More details please see this blog.

Please do not forget to share with us any feedback at Power Automate Community Forums under “Building Flows” discussion and use “UI Flows” label.

Happy automating!