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Power Automate UI Flows February 2020 update is now available

We are excited to announce the February 2020 update for Power Automate UI flows (preview) is now available with a few exciting new feature previews (You can view our previous December 2019 update and January 2020 update announcements). You may also check out the latest announcement from Charles Lamanna regarding our GA date and licensing.

What’s new in this release:

  1. Add support for International Input Method Editors (IMEs) (learn more)
  2. Improve reliability for international keyboard layouts and special key support (learn moreHere is the full list of supported keyboard layout and supported languages.
  3. Enable user to opt in or out of coordinate-based playback fallback that expands the coverage of UI automation (learn more)
  4. Improve user experience on the designer for UI flows
    • The domain name and username are automatically populated in the UI flows connection card.
  5. Additionally, the quality continues to improve monthly. The February release includes a significant number of fixes including the following:
    • Some international users were seeing an error (“Newtonsoft.Json.JsonSerializationException”) when running UI flows on machines with international locale setting.
    • Latest Microsoft Edge releases caused errors automating browsers with UI flows.

How to get the new updates:

To take advantage of the new updates, you will need to have the latest UI flows app installed on your device. Do either of the following to get it:

  1. If you have never installed the UI flows app, download and install the latest version when you are creating a UI flow. Here is the documentation and tutorials to help you get started with UI flows.
  2. If you installed the UI flows app from one of our previous releases, manually upgrade by downloading the new installer from the download center and run it directly.

Note: you may have to manually enable the UI flows extension from the web browser.

We look forward to providing automatic notification about new software updates in a future update.

Please do not forget to share any feedback at the Power Automate Community Forums and use “UI flows” label.

Happy automating!