SharePoint cloud actions in Power Automate for Desktop: Introducing cloud connectors in desktop flows

Power Automate offers a rich experience when it comes to connecting to other services. With a toolkit of over 780 connectors, cloud flows can interact with the most popular services that are accessible by API.

Using cloud connectors in RPA scenarios was a more complex and time-consuming process as, in many cases, it required loops between cloud and desktop flows. Today, we are very excited to announce that we will be making available all cloud connectors from within Power Automate desktop’s designer.

The ability to have all cloud actions available through the designer eliminates the need to separate logic between cloud and desktop flows, considerably reducing development time and potential logic errors that might occur.

Another benefit is that execution logs can be reviewed in a much more convenient manner, without the need to constantly keep context while switching between cloud and desktop flow logs.

Starting by adding the SharePoint (preview) connector in Power Automate desktop, the following actions will be available in August’s release for use in desktop flows:

SharePoint automation scenarios can now be covered, straight through Power Automate for desktop by blending desktop actions with cloud ones.

To see a detailed list regarding the next steps of the feature, you can visit the official documentation.

This is an exciting first step in increasing Power Automate for desktop’s automation capabilities even further. Cloud connectors will be constantly added allowing you to automate every popular application supported in Power Automate, straight through your desktop, reducing development time and allowing you to focus on what matters more.