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Read Our New Whitepaper on How to Build Enterprise-Ready Flows

Microsoft Flow is one of the most widely used automation services available. As more organizations embark on their digital transformation journey, the reliance on automation to unlock efficiency gains, reduce process errors, and empower end users to focus on more strategic initiatives continues to rise. Microsoft Flow has been designed to serve as the automation service the modern enterprise can count on to accelerate their digital transformation journey by offering intelligent automation at scale, which is seamless and secure, and which helps accelerate productivity (figure 1).


Figure 1. The fundamental values of Microsoft Flow.

A Guide to Building Enterprise-Ready Flows Whitepaper

To help our customers, partners, and individuals realize the full potential of Microsoft Flow, we are sharing a new whitepaper, “A guide to building enterprise-ready flows” which provides detailed guidance and strategy on how to efficiently and easily create flows. The whitepaper is organized around the lifecycle of a flow (figure 2), offering readers a formalized, step-by-step approach to designing and building flows.


Figure 2. Lifecycle of a flow.


The flow lifecycle and outline of the whitepaper contain details around:

  • Planning: Proper planning is the foundation of all worthy projects; the simplicity of this step should not be glossed over. Understanding how to provide a sound basis for every single flow and the approach to using flows in your organization will have significant benefits.
  • Design and Making: This section dives into the specific methods and approaches for utilizing triggers and actions efficiently and effectively
  • Testing: We review what you should know about the different testing methods and the pros and cons of each. We go over the considerations that you should know about for each of these methods.
  • Deployment: Learn how to include flow in your application lifecycle management process for your organization.
  • Troubleshooting: When things go wrong, you need to know where and what to look for and the best ways to get it working again.
  • Maintaining: Flows have been built and are enabled. You expect them to run with minimal management. Learn the best methods for achieving that objective.

Get further details in the whitepaper and start designing enterprise flows easily, and leverage industry leading automation to help expedite your digital transformation.

Let Flow Enhance Your Digital Transformation

Let your organization start benefiting from powerful and secure automation. The new “A guide to building enterprise-ready flows” whitepaper adds to the rich set of information we already have available on how to get the most from Microsoft Flow.  More resources can be found in our Flow community where you can participate in discussions, provide insights, and even influence product roadmap. Also follow the Flow blog to get news on the latest Flow updates, learn how Flow is a secure service, and read our whitepaper on best practices for deploying Flow in your organization. Also, be sure to check out the Flow tutorials page and our video channels hosted by Flow engineers who will demonstrate how to create sophisticated flows within a matter of minutes.
Go to flow.microsoft.com, to get started with Flow today!
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