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Beginner | Flow of the Week: Sending Valentines via Flow

Hello Flow Fans!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I am here today with a quick and easy blog post to teach you how to use Flow to take your Valentine’s Day note sending to an automated level!

I was thinking, “do I really want to go through the hassle of buying cards, filling them out, licking a bunch of envelopes and then hunting down my targeted valentine receivers?!” Not really!

And so this year, I am going to build myself the “Flow Button Valentine Generator 3000” – The ultimate valentine sharing machine.

Ok, maybe its an exaggeration, but you get the idea.

Lets go to Flow!

Head on over to the Flow portal and sign in. Click on My Flows and then + Create from blank

For your Trigger Search for Button and choose Flow button for mobile – Manually trigger a flow

Now inside of the button trigger, click on + Add an input ​and choose Email then add another input and choose text ​ then for the decription add Your Name

Now add an action and search Send an email. I am going to use the Office 365 Outlook – Send an email action

Then in the *To: field, use you dynamic content to select the Email content item from the button press in our above step. Open the advanced options and where it says is HTML – choose yes ​and set importance to Normal

Now, in the body section, lets write a very personal note… That we will then send to everyone we know.

Notice, I am using some HTML code in here to make things better looking. I am also going to put in a picture code so that my E-card isnt just all text!

Ok, lets now Lets name it Valentine Flow and then Save the Flow and then click Done. 

Now go to My Flows and then click on our new Valentine Flow ​and click …More​ ​and then Run Now

​A dialogue box will appear, asking for the email of the recipients of your valentine, as well as your name. Give those two items and click Run Flow

​The flow will run, it will fill in the necessary spots with Dynamic Content and BOOM! Your recipients will get an email that looks just like this!

And just like that, we generate a VERY personal message than we can then quickly and efficiently send out to our network of friends and people we appreciate!

Want to download my Valentines Card Button Generator 5000? Click on over here and then import this .zip file into your My Flows section by following the directions in THIS blog post.


Now its your turn! Show us the Valentines you create using Flow!

​If you want to express your valentines day love to the Flow team please leave a comment below, talk to us on Twitter, or pop into the Flow community and make a post!

Talk to you all soon! 

– Jon 

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