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Super charge your Copilot with 6 new connector-based Plugins along with 74 New Connectors releases and; 116 Connector Updates from Power Platform

Offering great low-code tools for plugin creation is a priority for us. Power Platform is excited to announce 6 new Copilot connector Plugins, 74 new connectors, along with 116 updates to the existing connectors. These connectors are available in Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps & cover the breadth & depth of solutions and tools for IT Operations, AI, Business Intelligence, Productivity and much more. Power Platform has an existing fleet of 1200+ connectors in the catalog to help creators and learners of all ages and backgrounds connect with the tools and information they need to build a more intuitive & productive solutions.

We are extremely honored to have a great partnership with all our Partners, and we look forward to partnering with many more Enterprises & community developers for contributing to the expansion of AI ecosystem.

New Copilot connector plugins released include:

  1. DocuSign
  2. DocuSign Demo
  3. Data8
  4. Plumsail HelpDesk
  5. Zoho Mail
  6. Zoho ZeptoMail

Below are the major releases for you:

  1. Plumsail HelpDesk

Plumsail HelpDesk is a ticketing system tightly integrated into Microsoft 365 & SharePoint. This update integrates Microsoft Copilot’s AI capabilities into your HelpDesk. Now you can quickly access tickets and information about requesters on the go by asking Copilot a question. Management can ask Copilot to collect statistics about recent support requests and team performance.

Anton Khritonenkov, Chief Product Officer at Plumsail

Visit the Plumsail HelpDesk connector documentation to learn more.

2. Data8 Data Enrichment

Data8 are a world-leading innovator of data quality solutions. We’re experts in validating global address and geolocation data, as well as verifying bank details, phone numbers, email addresses and other pieces of data in real-time. This ensures unmatched data quality regardless of your system and its age.

Data8 is proud to release an updated connector with some additional options across all of our offerings as well as optimization allowing the connector to be used across the copilot ecosystem so you can manage your data quality in even more ways!

Visit the Data8 Data Enrichment connector documentation to learn more.

New connector releases include:

Interested in submitting your connector? Visit our documentation and our GitHub repository to learn how to get started.

Below are the major releases for you:

  1. Power Platform for Admins V2

The Power Platform for Admins V2 connector is the next evolution in admin and control plane management for Power Platform customers. Leveraging all of the capabilities available from Microsoft Power Platform API, this connector will be routinely refreshed to have the latest and greatest capabilities from Power Platform admin center.

Visit the Power Platform for Admins V2 connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Calculate Working Day

Mightora.io offers a premium suite of Power Automate connectors and APIs, designed to revolutionize your development process, minimize costs, and foster citizen development with a freemium model. Our Calculate Working Day API is a standout tool that enables developers to easily compute valid working days, catering to both standard and bespoke working schedules, including UK bank holidays. Among its most valuable features are the ability to identify the next working day, ascertain the first and last working days of a month, verify if a particular date is a working day, and calculate a date after a specific number of working days, all available under a freemium offering.

Visit the Calculate Working Day connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Email Domain Checker

Mightora.io’s Email Domain Checker is a premium service aimed at ensuring the validity and authenticity of email addresses, thus significantly reducing bounce rates and enhancing data quality. This connector, crucial for maintaining accuracy and compliance in email communications, seamlessly integrates with Power Automate to facilitate easy verification of email domains within workflows. Offering both free and paid options, we empower developers and businesses to streamline their email management processes efficiently and cost-effectively.

Visit the Email Domain Checker connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Socialinsider

Socialinsider is a cutting-edge social media competitive intelligence and analytics tool designed to assist marketers in gathering competitive insights and benchmarks, analyzing brand performance, and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs) on social media platforms.

By enabling the integration of competitive insights, Socialinsider helps you compare your performance against your competitors to discover the strengths and weaknesses in your social strategies.

With Socialinsider’s data connector users can seamlessly create in-depth, customizable reports that help you understand where you stand in your market and what areas you need to focus on to generate better results and grow your company.

Learn how to quickly integrate your social data into your business’s dashboards and become a master in reporting.

Visit the Socialinsider connector documentation to learn more.

  1. LawVu

In-house legal teams use LawVu to manage all their legal work in one efficient system of record. Now they can extend the value of their legal workspace even further.

Automating legal work is simple with the LawVu connector for Power Platform. A do-it-yourself tool that enables legal teams to customize their workspace by automating workflows, and connecting other systems, without advanced technical skills. LawVu’s connector comes with adaptable starter templates based on common legal workflows.

The LawVu connector provides many benefits:

  • Increase ROI: Boost efficiency by removing steps, duplication and friction across repetitive workflows
  • Achieve value fast: An approachable low/no-code tool and starter templates
  • Improve service: Collaborate with the business more effectively by meeting teams where they work
  • Reduce risk: Less manual input means less human error or people viewing sensitive information

Install LawVu’s connector from the Microsoft Power Platform listing. Explore the LawVu Help Centre and template guide and start automating your legal work today.

Brendan Knowles – Senior Product Manager, LawVu

Visit the LawVu connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Aranda Service Management

Boost your company’s productivity and transform your users’ experience with Aranda Service Management Suite (ASMS), the multi-tenant Enterprise Service Management solution that helps your team to manage, integrate, and automate business processes and services for every business area (e.g. IT, HR, Facilities, Legal, etc …). Seamlessly exchange data between your existing applications and ASMS, delivering first-class customer experience powered by AI and across channels such as Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Web Portal, mobile apps, and email.

Alejandro Cañón, Product Management Lead

Visit the Aranda Service Management connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Nimflow

Nimflow is a next-generation low-code platform designed to accelerate intelligent end-to-end business process automation.

Nimflow complements Microsoft Power Platform by enhancing its automation capabilities with a modern Case Manager. This feature enables the activation of the next-right tasks for both digital and human workers, accelerating the creation and operation of solutions at scale. Soon, Nimflow will also incorporate PowerFx as a language, further enhancing its dynamic and adaptive workflow capabilities.

For more information, visit Nimflow or email.

Please attribute the quote to:

**Name**: Fabián Ramos Pitsch

**Title**: CTO

Visit the Nimflow connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Document Drafter

The Document Drafter is at the forefront of the second generation of document automation. Our platform is the only Word-based solution that combines robust functionality with an intuitive approach that template owners can easily understand.

With our Power Automate connector, you can seamlessly integrate workflows into your automated document creation. These workflows can be triggered during document creation to facilitate processes like storing, approval, or signing. Additionally, the connector enables 100% data-driven document creation, allowing you to use data from other systems to control conditional text and insert document data.

Michael Bjerg Hanse, Co-founder & CEO

Visit the Document Drafter connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Cradl AI

Cradl AI empowers anyone to automate internal document processes with AI. Parse documents like invoices, receipts, order confirmations, purchase orders, income statements and ship certificates automatically and without any code. Train a custom AI model on as few as 5 documents and go into production from day one without any operational risk using Cradl AI’s built-in human-in-the-loop validation functionality.

With the Cradl AI connector for Power Automate, you can embed advanced document parsing capabilities in your Power Automate workflows in minutes and deliver efficient automations to your business users.

Sign up for a free account here,, and learn more about our Power Automate connector here.

Visit the Cradl AI connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Priva

The Priva Power Automate connector is a powerful tool that integrates Priva Subject Right Request for data beyond M365  to automate the fulfillment of Subject Rights Requests for data across on-prem, multi-cloud data estates.. This allows organizations to streamline their subject rights request fulfillment. The connector extends the automation capabilities of Subject Rights Requests by using built-in Power Automate flows.

Visit the Cradl AI connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Abstract Email Validatorby Andras Fordos

Improve your delivery rate and clean your email lists with Abstract’s industry-leading email validation.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract Phone Validator by Andras Fordos

Abstract’s Phone Number Validation and Verification is a fast, lightweight, modern solution for determining the validity and other details of phone numbers from over 190 countries.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Deepgram by Troy Taylor

Deepgram has language AI models to power your apps. Power your apps with world-class speech-to-text and domain-specific language models (DSLMs).

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. io by Troy Taylor

Host.io collects data on every known domain name from every TLD and update it every month, including DNS records and website data for each of the domains.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Neum by Troy Taylor

With Neum AI, your context in prompts is always accurate and up to date. It enables you to create a pipeline that keeps your data synced between a source (ex. Document DB) and a sink (ex. Pinecone).

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract Email Validator by Andras Fordos

Improve your delivery rate and clean your email lists with Abstract’s industry-leading email validation.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract Exchange Rates by Andras Fordos

Abstract’s Exchange Rates is a fast, lightweight, modern service for looking up the latest exchange rates for 80+ currencies, getting historical exchange rates, and converting an arbitrary amount from one currency to another.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract Holidays by Andras Fordos

Abstract’s Public Holidays is a fast, lightweight, modern solution that allows you to get the public, local, religious, and other holidays of a particular country.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract IBAN Validator by Andras Fordos

Abstract’s IBAN Validation for determining the validity and other details of the International Bank Account Number (IBAN).

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract Phone Validator by Andras Fordos

Abstract’s Phone Number Validation and Verification is a fast, lightweight, modern solution for determining the validity and other details of phone numbers from over 190 countries.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract Timezones by Andras Fordos

The Abstract Time, Date, and Timezone service is the easiest way to find, convert, and manage time and timezone data across the world.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Abstract VAT Validator by Andras Fordos

Abstract’s VAT Validation is a fast, lightweight, modern solution that allows you to stay compliant for all your domestic and cross-border sales.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Amazon S3 Bucket by Michael Megel

This connector provides read and write access to objects of an Amazon S3 Bucket.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Byword by Troy Taylor

Generate high quality, AI-written articles at scale. Trusted by over 30,000 marketers, Byword has written hundreds of thousands of articles, on every topic imaginable.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. FAANotam by SalesLighter

This connector will allow users to retrieve NOTAMs (Notices to airmen) directly from the FAA. Notams are used to notify pilots of any current and future issues within the United States Airspace.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Google Gemini by Priyan

Custom connector for Google Gemini, providing advanced AI multi modal content generation functionalities.Gemini is a family of multimodal large language models developed by Google DeepMind, serving as the successor to LaMDA and PaLM 2. Comprising Gemini Ultra, Gemini Pro, and Gemini Nano, it was announced on December 6, 2023

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Google PaLM by Priyan

Google Palm offers advanced text generation and manipulation capabilities

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. GSA Per Diem by Rick Wilson

Per diem rates are the allowed reimbursement rates for hotel stays and meals for federal travelers. Rates are set for each of the federal government’s fiscal years (October 1st to September 30th) GSA is responsible for setting the rates in the continental United States. Many businesses and other organizations adopt these rates as well. This API provides access to the current rate information.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. io by Troy Taylor

The NewsData.io service gets you top live-breaking news from all over the world in real-time. Apply multiple filters to narrow down your desired results.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Open-Elevation by Andras Fordos

Open-Elevation is a free and open-source alternative to the Google Elevation and similar offerings.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Passage by 1Password – Auth by Troy Taylor

Passage is backed by 1Password’s 17+ years of industry-leading security expertise. Completely replace your existing authentication flow or build from scratch with a robust solution for passwordless authentication and customer identity management. Realize the full security, business, and user experience benefits of eliminating passwords by implementing login flows powered by passkeys, magic links, and login codes.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Passage by 1Password – Manage by Troy Taylor

Passage is backed by 1Password’s 17+ years of industry-leading security expertise. Completely replace your existing authentication flow or build from scratch with a robust solution for passwordless authentication and customer identity management. Realize the full security, business, and user experience benefits of eliminating passwords by implementing login flows powered by passkeys, magic links, and login codes.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. ai by Andras Fordos

Sapling is building the AI assistant for business communication, one that helps teams communicate more efficiently and effectively with their clients, across diverse use cases.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. SearchAPI – Google Search by Troy Taylor

Google Search service scrapes SERP for real-time results. Scrape organic results, ads, related searches, inline questions and more.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Woodpecker by Troy Taylor

Woodpecker products are tailored to your cold emailing and lead generation needs. We are helping leaders improve the workflow within the team and shape their campaign results.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Lettria by Troy Taylor

Whether you want to automate a manual task or gain insight from multiple documents, Lettria’s text analysis features are designed to find new opportunities in your data. Using the service, you can easily understand text data that is given as input to the service, using artificial intelligence and natural language processing.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Deck of Cards by Troy Taylor

Deck of Cards is a web service that allows you to shuffle and draw cards from one or many decks.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. GSA Site Scanning by Rick Wilson

Explore comprehensive insights into the health and compliance of US federal websites, offering a window into the dynamics and standards of the federal web presence. Through automated scans, this service generates detailed data on website policy compliance and best practices, enhancing the accessibility and management of government digital assets.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. HubSpot Settings V2 by Troy Taylor

HubSpot Settings allows you to retrieve information about a given HubSpot account, including the account settings, account activity, business units, and managing users.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Microsoft Acronyms by Troy Taylor

You can use the Microsoft Search service in Microsoft Graph to search, add, and update acronyms in your organization.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. OpenQR by Troy Taylor

OpenQR is a static and dynamic QR code generator. Easily generate, manage or track your QR code and send your customers to the right place.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Veterans Affairs Facilities by Rick Wilson

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Facilities service offers comprehensive details on VA health, benefits, cemeteries, and Vet Centers, including location, contact information, and services available. Data is sourced from both real-time and historical records, ensuring users have access to the latest facility updates. Authentication is managed via symmetric tokens, and the service provides a robust framework for accessing VA facility information efficiently.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Veterans Affairs Forms by Rick Wilson

Access the VA Forms API to search, retrieve PDF links, and metadata for VA forms, including version tracking. Stay updated with the latest VA form information, search by form number or keyword, get detailed metadata, and more. Authenticate using an API token. Test in the sandbox environment before requesting a production API key. Track SHA256 revision history to ensure data integrity and validate PDF links. Identify deleted forms through metadata.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Veterans Affairs Providers by Rick Wilson

The Provider Directory API facilitates the development of applications that can retrieve lists of VA providers, offering details on provider locations, specialties, office hours, and patient acceptance status. It leverages FHIR standards to ensure compliance with CMS requirements for public-facing API endpoints.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Mistral by Troy Taylor

Mistral is open and portable generative AI for devs and businesses. Mistral models strike an unmatched latency to performance ratio, and achieve top-tier reasoning performance on all common benchmarks. Mistral designed the models to be as unbiased and useful as possible, providing full modular control over moderation.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Perplexity AI by Troy Taylor

Unlock the most powerful AI research assistant. Raise Perplexity to the next level with more Copilot, upgraded AI, unlimited file upload, and web service access. Upgrade to Claude-2 or GPT-4 for more accurate answers, will pplx, Mistral, and Llama language models also available.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Have I Been Pwned by Troy Taylor

Check if your email address or phone number is in a data breach.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. AccuWeather by Troy Taylor

AccuWeather provides commercial weather forecasting services worldwide.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. ai by Troy Taylor

Stability.ai is the world’s leading open source generative AI company. We strongly believe that our open source ethos provides the definitive path for the creation and access of cutting-edge research. Stability AI-backed research communities are currently developing breakthrough AI models applied to imaging, language, code, audio, video, 3D content, design, biotech and other scientific research.

View this connector in GitHub.

Updates released for connectors include:

Below are few of the most significant updates.

  1. Kyndryl mainframe

Unlock the Power of your mainframe data using Microsoft’s low code platform. Kyndryl’s Mainframe connector allows you to securely connect to your Mainframe and modernise your legacy applications without requiring COBOL developers. This unique functionality enables organizations to rapidly develop mobile friendly applications that provide read/write functionality to Mainframe data. Organizations can also benefit by extending Copilot to leverage this connector, opening up exciting opportunities to improve employee and customer experiences alike.

Visit the Kyndryl mainframe connector documentation to learn more.

  1. IA-Connect Session

IA-Connect’s connectors allow you to automate line of business applications and related business processes with our patented nextGen RPA and API capabilities over UI, web, Java, SAP GUI, mainframes and more. IA-Connect has been designed from the ground up to provide automation capabilities over local, RDP or Citrix with complete feature parity, and without the need for installable agents on your Citrix or RDP machines.

IA-Connect’s latest release improves upon our popular joiner-mover-leaver capabilities for automating onboarding and offboarding users, as well as introducing multi-monitor and automatic resolution scaling. IA-Connect’s Inspector continues to evolve, allowing improved inspection of web and UI applications. The Inspector then allows easy creation of automation tasks to be pasted directly into the actions in Power Automate.

For more information, including a 30-day free trial, see the following: https://ultima.com/ia-connect/power-automate/

Visit the IA-Connect connector documentation to learn more.

  1. absentify

We are excited to announce the latest update of our absentify connector, now officially certified for Power Automate and fully integrated into the Microsoft 365 infrastructure. absentify streamlines the management of leave and absence requests by offering deep integration with your Microsoft 365 environment. As a part of the Power Automate connector suite, absentify enables the automation of absence management processes right within your familiar tools, making the process more efficient and improving the user experience for both managers and employees alike. Learn more about the benefits of absentify and how it can transform your absence management at our website: Visit absentify.

Visit the absentify  connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Emigo

“Emigo allows for efficient management of field or sales teams—employees working in the field using smartphones or tablets. It enhances their productivity in day-to-day operations. The Emigo Connector integrates with Power Platform services, enabling business and back-office users to access data from Emigo for automating data flows and streamlining business processes. This digitalization extends beyond the Emigo system New connector update introduces trigger. Combination trigger and operations enables customers to extend capabilities using Microsoft Power Platform to create much more with Emigo. For more information, visit the Emigo Connector documentation.”

Damian Dabrowski
Business Process Automation Engineer

Visit the Emigo connector documentation to learn more.

  1. Content Manager Power Connect

About Us: Established in 2007, Kapish specialises in delivering secure information management and enterprise architecture solutions. We empower our customers to digitally transform their business and protect their data.

We implement cutting-edge technologies designed to empower data driven decision making, streamline discovery processes and fortify the security of your valuable information assets.

Important Function: Kapish Power Connect is the solution to connect Content Manager to all your business systems. Removing the need to develop custom or ad-hoc integrations, Power Connect lets you do it yourself with no coding skills required.

With no limitations on compatible systems, just add the connector to your flows within Microsoft Power Automate, and link to send or receive Content Manager data. Integration can be achieved within minutes… it’s powerful and ready to go!

Visit the Content Manager Power Connect connector documentation to learn more.

  1. ALVAO


With ALVAO connector, you can use Power Automate to automate actions in ALVAO or to integrate ALVAO with other applications. The connector allows you to start automations tied not only to the workflow of tickets in the Service Desk, but also to the lifecycle of assets registered in the Asset Management. Connector actions then allow you to move the ticket workflow or manage the asset lifecycle.

Jiří Fabík


Visit the ALVAO  connector documentation to learn more.

  1. HubSpot CMS V2 by Troy Taylor

Content management software that’s flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and gives your customers a personalized, secure experience. Includes hosting, flexible themes, dynamic content, drag-and-drop page editing, memberships, and more – all powered by a CRM platform that allows you to build seamless digital experiences for your customers.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. HubSpot Conversations V2 by Troy Taylor

The HubSpot conversations services enable you to manage and interact with the conversations inbox, channels, and messages.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. HubSpot Engagements V2 by Troy Taylor

HubSpot Engagements is used for keeping your CRM records up-to-date on any interactions that take place outside of HubSpot. Activity reporting in the CRM also feeds off of this data.”,

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. HubSpot Marketing V2 by Troy Taylor

Marketing software that enables you to drive revenue, save time and resources, and measure and optimize your investments. All on one easy-to-use platform. Drive revenue by connecting with leads at the right time and place across email, landing pages, forms, and more. Manage your contacts and campaigns in one place and use automation tools to scale your efficiency. Measure the success of your campaigns using powerful reporting tools.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. AmazonS3Bucket by Michael Megel

This connector provides read and write access to objects of an Amazon S3 Bucket.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. FInancial Conduct Authority (FCA) by Gulshan Khurana

The online Financial Services Register is a public record of financial services firms, individuals and other bodies regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Telegram Bot by last72

The Telegram Bot API is an HTTP-based interface created for developers keen on building bots for Telegram.

View this connector in GitHub.

  1. Website Carbon by carfup (Clement Olivier)

This will calculate the emissions of a page by manually passing the bytes and whether or not it is powered by green hosting.

View this connector in GitHub.

Other New connectors released include:

  1. Asite (Canada)
  2. Asite (Hong Kong)
  3. CMI
  4. ISOPlanner
  5. Lex Power Sign
  6. Luware Nimbus
  7. Mailform
  8. MoreApp Forms
  9. N-able Cloud Commander
  10. OpenText Documentum
  11. Pdfless
  12. PRO WFM Authentication
  13. SoloSign HMAC Hash Creator
  14. Taktikal Core
  15. Tribal – Maytas
  16. Zellis
  17. Zoho Calendar
  18. Zoho Mail
  19. Gravity Forms Professional
  20. Bloomflow
  21. OrbusInfinity

Other New connector Updates released include:

  1. 3E Events
  2. Adobe Acrobat Sign
  3. Adobe Acrobat Sign Sandbox
  4. airSlate
  5. ArcGIS
  6. ArcGIS Enterprise
  7. ArcGIS PaaS
  8. AvePoint Cloud Governance
  9. Azure Text to speech
  10. Cascade Strategy New
  11. CivicPlus Transform
  12. CMI
  13. Connect2All
  14. Converter by Power2Apps
  15. Scheduler (on-prem)
  16. Document Drafter
  17. DocuSign
  18. DocuSign Demo
  19. Dokobit Universal API
  20. DQ on Demand
  21. EasyVista Service Manager
  22. Encodian
  23. Envoy
  24. Experlogix Smart Flows
  25. Feathery Forms
  26. HiveCPQ Product Configurator
  27. ai
  28. HVI Vehicle Inspection
  29. IA-Connect SAP GUI
  30. iManage Work
  31. iManage Work for Admins
  32. Impower
  33. KORTO
  34. Lex Power Sign
  35. Meisterplan
  36. monday
  37. Morta
  38. Muhimbi PDF
  39. OneBlink
  40. Oneflow
  41. PDF4me Connect
  42. PDF4me SwissQR
  43. PDFco
  44. Pdfless
  45. Planful
  46. Plumsail Actions
  47. Plumsail Documents
  48. Priva
  49. Projectum Present It
  50. PROS AI
  51. ReversingLabs TitaniumCloud
  52. Scrive eSign
  53. Seismic Configuration
  54. Seismic Content Discovery
  55. Seismic Engagement
  56. Seismic Livedoc
  57. Seismic Planner
  58. Seismic Workspace
  59. Shopranos
  60. smapOne
  61. Sparse Power Box Tools
  62. StarRez REST v1
  63. Strategic Portfolio Manager
  64. Taktikal Core
  65. Team Forms
  66. Tendocs Documents
  67. Tesseron Ticket
  68. Tikit
  69. Tribal – Maytas
  70. Zoho Calendar
  71. Zoho Mail
  72. Zoho ZeptoMail