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Innovate and build data driven websites with copilot in Power Pages

Today at the second annual Microsoft Power Platform Community-led Conference, we are excited to share the latest features and capabilities for Microsoft Power Pages. Generative AI has been brought to the forefront of low code development and we are thrilled to expand our Power Pages copilot capabilities to further transform the way developers build and launch business data-centric websites.

Accelerate development and drive innovation with copilot in Power Pages

Power Pages copilot in Design Studio

Now, all makers can use natural language to build websites using copilot in Power Pages. The interactive experience allows the maker to be in control; they simply describe what they want to build, pick from options, and Power Pages generates a sitemap and homepage with various layouts and site themes. The maker chooses from one of many generated layouts and creates a new site in a few seconds.

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Makers can refine and modify their website using copilot in the design studio. They describe to copilot the page they want to build, the section they want to add, or form they want to create. Copilot creates intelligent HTML layouts and themes including relevant text copy and placeholder images selected from a vast stock image library.

Generate multistep forms with copilot

Multistep forms are a powerful way to collect customer data for longer applications with numerous fields and questions.  With copilot in Power Pages, makers can effortlessly design and build intuitive multi-step forms using just a few words. The copilot experience simplifies the workflow into a couple of steps, providing makers with a significant productivity boost!

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Power Pages copilot in Visual Studio Code for Web

Visual Studio Code for Web (VS Code for Web) copilot is available for professional developers to accelerate Power Pages customization, including forms customizations, fetchXML queries, WebAPIs, and generation of Liquid code. Simply state what you want to create, and copilot will generate the code for you to use, greatly reducing the time it takes to add advanced customization to your website.

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Power Pages chatbot for end users

Power Pages enables easy integration of a generative AI powered Power Virtual Agent chatbot on the website with minimal configuration. Now, the chatbot can answer questions from anonymous and authenticated pages on the site. Additionally, it can be tested on a private site before going live. Makers can effortlessly configure a copilot-style bot for website visitors which provides GPT-like responses to questions without detailed bot authoring. Bot responses are grounded in the website’s content with Power Pages role-based access control (RBAC) support for the responses.

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Building low-code websites has never been easier

Building modern, secure, and data-driven business websites is getting much easier with new copilot capabilities in Power Pages. Now, with copilot in Power Pages, developers of all technical fluency can collaborate and create sophisticated websites with multi-step forms processing with natural language and a few clicks. It’s a privilege to see how Power Pages platform is being adopted at scale by organizations across industries to streamline several business processes they have with their customers, trading partners, and the constituents they serve.

What’s next

Thank you to all those who joined us this year for the Microsoft Power Platform Conference. For those who wish to follow the Power Platform Conference remotely, look up #MPPC23 on X and LinkedIn or follow the conference on X at PowerPlatformConf.

Get started with the new copilot in Power Pages capabilities rolling out now: