Use Power Fx in Power Pages for authoring dynamic content

We are excited to announce Power Pages native support for Power Fx, a powerful low-code formula language for the Power Platform. This capability enables Power Pages makers and developers with a low-code language for authoring dynamic content within their websites.

Power Fx is built into the Power Pages design studio, so makers can easily create webpages with dynamic content, allowing them to design custom user experiences that match their business goals.

Text, Image, Button and Iframe components now have a new ‘fx’ command that lets makers write Excel-like formulas and expressions.

Power Fx supports reading data from Dataverse tables securely by honoring Table Permissions and also has site user context available that allows makers to provide a data enriched personalized experience on the site. For example –

  • Write a personalized welcome message
  • Show user’s profile picture
  • Show number of applications related to the user

Learn more about the feature and its capabilities here – Use Power Fx in Power Pages (preview)  

We are looking forward to your feedback to help build and improve the capabilities of this feature.