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What’s new in the Power Pages design studio?

The Power Pages design studio is designed for low-code makers to rapidly build and style data centric business sites.  It offers an intuitive WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) authoring experience that makes it easy for any maker to build and style a site with minimum design and coding skills.  Let’s look at some of the new experiences that we think makers will love.

Workspace driven experiences for authoring, styling, data, and site configuration

The design studio has four marquee experiences called workspaces.  Each workspace is a fully immersive experience dedicated to a specific user job.  Depending on the maker’s role in the project, they may be using one or all of the workspaces.

  1. The Pages workspace enables makers to design and build webpages with no-code widgets.
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  1. The Styling workspace enables makers to apply global site styling.
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  1. The Data workspace enables makers to model, visualize, and manage business data.
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  1. The Set up workspace enables makers and admins to configure site settings.
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Apply corporate branding with no-code

One of the first tasks of building a site is to style it to align with corporate branding.  This includes creating a color palette with the corporate colors and updating the site logo and title.  In the styling workspace, makers can choose one of the preset themes. These themes are great starting points for customizing the look of the site.  Each theme has its own color palette, fonts, and button styles.  Pick the theme that resembles your brand and customize it. Then, from the Pages workspace, edit the site header with your company color, logo, and site title in a few easy steps.

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Easy authoring for everyone

The new authoring experience for designing and building webpages provides makers with control and flexibility.  Pages workspace offers an in-context editing experience where makers can easily add and configure sections and components to build pixel perfect webpages.  

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If makers need more control and power, there’s also the inline code editor.  

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Share and gather business data

The power of Power Pages is in the ease of building a data-centric site.  The design studio has a dedicated Data workspace, enabling makers to access and create Microsoft Dataverse tables and create and edit Dataverse forms and views. 

After setting up the table and form or view, embed the data component to a webpage from the Pages workspace.  Then, set up permissions to ensure the right people can access the data.

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Sites that work on all devices

When you’re done building the site, test it before launch by previewing it on both desktop and mobile web browsers.  Scan the QR code and preview the site on your mobile device.

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To learn more about creating and building a site, check out the Power Pages documentation.  We look forward to hearing from you!