Excel connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI

Seamlessly access and analyze your trusted data across the enterprise.

Microsoft and SAP are jointly delivering business intelligence (BI) interoperability in Microsoft Excel and SAP BusinessObjects BI. Microsoft Power Query for Excel seamlessly connects to SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes enabling users to access and analyze data across the enterprise. This connectivity drives a single version of truth, instant productivity, and optimized business performance for your organization.

Access and analyze your trusted enterprise data

Learn how Microsoft and SAP deliver a combination of trusted enterprise data and familiar market leading tools.

Single version of truth

Deliver the latest, accurate and trusted data from across the enterprise, such as from SAP applications, directly into the hands of users in Microsoft Excel. They no longer need to constantly copy and paste or import data using a manual process leading to inaccuracy. Users can instead focus on leveraging their knowledge to analyze data from within and outside your organization. They can get answers and uncover new insights to better deal with the challenges facing your organization, eliminating costly decisions based on inaccurate data.

Instant productivity

Users can continue to work in their familiar Microsoft Excel environment with access to business friendly terms from SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes at their fingertips, allowing for deeper analysis on their own. Using familiar tools enables them to easily integrate data and insights into existing workflows without the need to learn new complex tools and skills. Any uncovered data and insights can be kept up to date with no hassle refreshing from on-premises and the cloud, increasing productivity.

Optimized business performance

Leverage existing investments from both companies together to enable your organization to unlock insights faster and react accordingly. Your organization can identify patterns, cost drivers, and opportunities for savings in an agile, accurate, and visual manner. Specific trends and goals can be measured while having visually attractive and up to date dashboards. Relying on trusted enterprise data reduces costs and increases profitability by allowing faster, better, and timelier decisions. All of this drives broader BI adoption to create an information driven culture across your organization.

Unlock data and insights across your organization

Learn how to use the connectivity.

Getting started with Power Query connectivity to SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes

Get started with Power Query. Here's how to get started:

Step 1

You will need Excel 2010 or Excel 2013 in addition to the Power Query add-in. The download link for the add-in is provided below. You will find a link in the Office 365 Admin Center to download Office 2013. A 30-day Office 365 ProPlus trial is also available.

Download Power Query add-in.

Step 2

Next, you will need SAP BusinessObjects BI 4.1 SP2 or higher. Learn more about SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes.

Other useful information

SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe connectivity

SAP BusinessObjects BI Universe Connectivity enables easy access to any type of data via an SAP BusinessObjects BI universe. It provides an enhanced semantic layer hiding the complexity of data and exposing common business terms for client tools. All of the data sources supported by an SAP BusinessObjects BI universe are available in Microsoft Excel with this connector from Power Query.

The connectivity provides metadata and data from dimensional, sometimes called common, semantic layer Universes which have a UNX file extension.

Learn more about connecting your SAP BusinessObjects BI Universes to Microsoft Excel and Power BI.