Data Visualization

An image is worth a thousand data points.

As we get our hands on more and more data, understanding the underlying answers becomes more difficult. Data visualization allows us to see things that were not there before: patterns, correlations and in the end, the answers that we are looking for. That is the real advantage of moving from rows and columns to images; a faster and better way of understanding that liberates data and makes it available and consumable for everyone.

Put an image to your answer

Wouldn't it be nice to ask a question and get an answer through a visualization for better and deeper understanding? That is Q&A.

Talk to your dashboards and they will talk back to you

Charts by themselves are not always the right answer. But a combination of charts can be the perfect combination to answer your question. And when these visualizations give the option of using maps, animations, bubble charts or scatterplots, the possibilities are endless. Interact with your data in amazing new ways: click on a year and get all your answers for that timeframe.

Data Visualization

One stop shop

Now Excel is your end to end analytics tool. Find your data, mash it up, model it and visualize all in one place. Do more with the tools you already know rather than learning more about new tools you don't need.