Standing up for LGBTQI+ justice and equity year round

Driving change since 1989.

At Microsoft, we introduced sexual orientation into our non-discrimination policies in 1989, and we’ve been driving LGBTQI+ inclusion ever since. In 1993, we began offering employee benefits for same-sex domestic partnerships—making us one of the first companies in the world to do so. We stood as a public supporter for marriage equality even before it became legal in the United States, and we continue to advocate for every type of family. Today, we operate in over 120 countries, most of which still don’t provide legal protections for LGBTQI+ individuals. Our drive for change continues.

LGBTQI+ communities represent a diverse group of people, whose identities vary and intersect across all dimensions. This Pride, as we navigate multiple crises around the globe—the coronavirus pandemic, systemic racism, targeted violence, and more—we are focusing on the role we can all play to create collective change around the issues that LGBTQI+ people care about most, including those issues often not recognized as LGBTQI+ specific but that impact us all. Together, we can make an impact for LGBTQI+ communities and beyond.

Working together to create change

Together with our employees, Microsoft has donated $2M+ to organizations that support the LGBTQI+ communities in the last year. Here’s a few other initiatives happening at Microsoft right now.