What is Microsoft Payment Central?

Microsoft Payment Central is the centralized onboarding and account maintenance tool for suppliers working with Microsoft globally.

Manage your supplier account with Microsoft Payment Central

Microsoft has transformed the supplier experience by expediting the account onboarding for new suppliers and maintenance process for existing suppliers with the new Microsoft Payment Central. Not only does Microsoft Payment Central simplify the data collection during the supplier onboarding process, but it also makes it easier for suppliers to maintain their profile information.

What is required of me?

To use Microsoft Payment Central, you need to sign in with the same email address with which you received your email invitation. If your corporate domain uses Azure Active Directory, you will be redirected to your corporate domain to log in. If your email address does not use Azure Active Directory, this email address—which may include addresses at your corporate domain—must be registered as a Microsoft Account. View the video below for instructions on setting up your email address as a Microsoft Account.

  1. Register your email as a Microsoft Account (if your corporate domain does not use Azure Active Directory)
  2. Log in to Microsoft Payment Central

Get help with Payment Central

Why don't I see any accounts listed on the My Accounts page?

To access your accounts, you must log in to Microsoft Payment Central by using the same email address at which you received your email invitation. You will only see accounts listed if you have been granted access to those accounts. If you have logged in with the correct email address, but don’t see accounts to which you believe you should have access, please log a support request. Click Request Support at the top of the page to get help from our support team.

Who can help with any issues?

We encourage you to contact your Microsoft representative for any questions related to the transition. If you have support questions related to the Microsoft Payment Central tool, click the Request Support link at the top of the page or review the FAQ within Microsoft Payment Central.