Microsoft Quantum Labs

The Microsoft Quantum Labs are a network of sites which share Microsoft’s goal of developing and building the world’s first general-purpose scalable quantum computer, bringing to bear the best of private and public sector talent, resources, and infrastructure.

Global collaboration

The work at these Labs spans Microsoft’s full stack approach and involves a global team of physicists, theorists, materials scientists, engineers, developers, and more to deliver ground breaking science and technology.

Principal: Charles Marcus, Scientific Director

Microsoft Quantum Lab Copenhagen engages in the control and study of the properties of Majorana fermions, including characterization, fabrication, and test and measurement.

Principal: Leo Kouwenhoven, Scientific Director


Microsoft Quantum Lab Delft is pursuing ways to suppress quantum decoherence in contribution to breakthroughs in the realization of a topologically protected qubit.

Principal: Pasi Kostamo, Principal Optical Engineer, Microsoft Advanced Optics & Systems

The Microsoft office in Finland contributes fabrication development expertise to the Microsoft Quantum program.

Principal: Michael J. Manfra, Scientific Director

Microsoft Quantum Lab Purdue is focused on the study of ultra-pure semiconductors and hybrid systems of semiconductors and superconductors.

Principals: Peter Krogstrup, Scientific Director & Ulrich Steegmueller, Senior Director

Microsoft Quantum Lab - Lyngby aims to build the materials for the physical platform for the world's first scalable quantum computer.

Principal: Krysta Svore, General Manager

Microsoft Quantum Lab Redmond centers on the Quantum Systems team which works to make quantum computers accessible to developers by creating a software stack.

Principal: Chetan Nayak, General Manager

Microsoft Quantum Lab Santa Barbara is directed at the exploration of theoretical physics and numerical simulation as relates to the physical foundations of quantum computing.

Principal: David Reilly, Scientific Director

Microsoft Quantum Lab Sydney specializes in developing engineering solutions for reading out and controlling qubits in scaled up architectures.

Scientific Publications