Image of quantum computer chip being machined

Microsoft is leading the way

We’re building a new kind of quantum computer to solve your most complex problems.

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We’ve taken a revolutionary topological approach

Microsoft has pushed the limits of what’s possible with topological quantum computing, and we’re seeing significant benefits so far. Topological qubits can perform computations longer and more consistently, with significantly lower error rates compared to other quantum methods. Our approach also makes key advancements in cryogenics and quantum hardware that give us the unique ability to scale.

We’ve made bold investments in building a global dream team

Over more than a decade, Microsoft has made massive investments in quantum research and development while assembling the quantum-computing dream team. Today, the team comprises some of the greatest mathematics, physics, and computer-science minds in the world, and their work is bolstered by the combined talent of people across universities, industries, and more.

We’ve built a scalable end-to-end solution you can use

It was important from the start that whatever we built should be available as widely as possible, welcoming customers, developers, and enthusiasts. That meant developing a full-stack solution that addresses hardware, software, and developer programming tools—including a brand-new programming language that speeds up the development of quantum applications. This new language is built into Visual Studio with full IDE, debugging, and simulation support.

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