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  1. A montage of four animated figures completing humanoid actions: standing up, walking, running, and jumping.

    MoCapAct: Training humanoid robots to “Move Like Jagger”

    What would it take to get humanoid, bipedal robots to dance like Mick Jagger? Indeed, for something more mundane, what does it take to get them to simply stand still? Sit down? Walk? Move in myriads of other ways many people take for granted? Bipedalism…
    August 25, 2022
  2. Diagram showing GODEL’s architecture. The environment of the dialog system consists of both structured and unstructured content, which it uses to retrieve information. This source content, which we term “grounding,” is updated and repeatedly used by GODEL to produce a new response after each user input.

    GODEL: Combining goal-oriented dialog with real-world conversations

    They make restaurant recommendations, help us pay bills, and remind us of appointments. Many people have come to rely on virtual assistants and chatbots to perform a wide range of routine tasks. But what if a single dialog agent, the technology behind these language-based apps,…
    June 23, 2022