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  1. Micah Stampley, Lisa Nakamura posing for a photo

    Lecture series aims to help spur dialogue around race and technology

    Race and Technology: A Research Lecture Series features 14 distinguished scholars and domain experts from a diverse range of research areas and disciplines. From top left: Dr. Sareeta Amrute, Dr. Kim TallBear, Dr. Charlton McIlwain, Dr. Ruha Benjamin, Dr. Lisa Nakamura, Dr. Simone Browne, and…
    July 21, 2021
  2. Traditional cellular network infrastructure compared to cellular network infrastructure in the Microsoft cloud Two graphics. The first depicts traditional cellular network infrastructure, beginning with cell towers receiving data and transferring it to physical buildings--local hubs, then central exchanges and finally data centers. The second depicts cloudified cellular network infrastructure, with cell towers transmitting data to telco edges and Microsoft edges. This is also labelled "RAN in the cloud". The data then flows to the Microsoft cloud, including core network and OSS/BSS as a service.

    Project Arno: How Microsoft Research created the technology and industry momentum for Azure to empower telecom operators in the cloud

    Editor’s note: In recent years, telecommunications operators have faced a growing challenge to meet surging global demand for immersive online services and collaboration tools. Upgrading their proprietary networks to prepare for 5G and beyond would require major capital expenditures, even as competition was driving down…
    July 19, 2021 by Yongguang Zhang and Bozidar Radunovic

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  1. Bosque programming language code sample

    Creating the Future of Software Development

    “If you think about the world that we’re in now, software plays a key role in our lives – in everything we do. And at the core of solving big problems and fundamental challenges is the ability to use software to attack the problem and…
    May 26, 2021
  2. A close-up of a man wearing casual clothing, he has his smartphone in his hand and he is using an assistive mobile app for people with vision disabilities to assist him.

    CHI 2021: Redefining accessibility to build more inclusive technologies

    Accessibility and inclusion represent a growing space in the technology landscape, and how research and development are being used to empower people across abilities is expanding in exciting ways. Instead of treating disabilities as conditions in need of solutions—as has been the case over the…
    May 21, 2021