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Microsoft and intelligent markets at ACM EC’17

By David Pennock, Principal Researcher and Assistant Managing Director  The 18th ACM Conference on Economics and Computation (EC’17) starts today at MIT in Cambridge, MA, featuring some of the latest research findings at the interdisciplinary boundary between economics and computer science. Microsoft researchers will have a significant presence at the conference, co-authoring many papers, serving in leadership roles, giving an invited talk, and receiving an award. One theme at the conference is the design and…

June 2017

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Extensive crowdsourcing study reveals surprising results in reversal of platform design assumptions

By John Kaiser, Research News A 21-month study on the dynamics of crowdsourcing shows workers depend on collaborating with each other, upending platform designers’ long-held assumptions of crowdsourcing tasks performed in isolation. “People spend far more time on a task, trying to get it right, than we might expect, given the pay rates for many tasks,” said MSR lead researcher Mary Gray, who presented the study during this week’s Conference on Human Computation & Crowdsourcing…

November 2015

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Award-winning theory from Microsoft researcher goes beyond famous Nash Equilibrium

Posted by George Thomas Jr. Microsoft researcher Vasilis Syrgkanis and two colleagues this week unveiled a new approach to understanding and optimizing online bidding and auctions, with implications far beyond the online advertising marketplace in which their study was based. Working with Denis Nekipelov of the University of Virginia and Eva Tardos of Cornell University, their research, Econometrics for Learning Agents, goes beyond the long-standing approach of applying the famous Nash Equilibrium when analyzing online…

June 2015

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’12 Campaign: Predicting the U.S. Election

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research It’s a presidential election year in the United States, and that, we’ve learned, means that pollsters are on the prowl. The electorate for the forthcoming balloting will be sampled, questioned, categorized, sliced, and diced a zillion different ways between now and Nov. 6, so if you’re interested in gender polling by age bracket in Wirt County, W.Va., for the time being, you’re in luck. So is David Rothschild,…

September 2012

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Microsoft Research Debuts N.Y.C. Lab

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research In the two decades since the formation of Microsoft Research, the organization has grown from its beginnings on Microsoft’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, Wash., into a global powerhouse with 12 labs across four continents—all devoted to advancing the state of the art in computing research and contributing cutting-edge advancements to Microsoft products. Beginning May 3, that lab count increases to a baker’s dozen—with the creation of Microsoft Research…

May 2012

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Innovation Inquiries: The Birth of a Research Lab

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research Since Microsoft Research New England was announced on Feb. 4, Jennifer Chayes, managing director of the lab, based in Cambridge, Mass., has been hard at work along with her deputy managing director, Christian Borgs. Chayes and Borgs moved east from Redmond facing a prodigious challenge: Offices had to be planned and prepared, relationships with the Boston-area academic community had to be forged, and researchers and associates had to…

September 2008

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Making Cellphones Enhance Village Economies in Rural India

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research Technology has revolutionized the developed world in recent years. The way we work, the way we play, the way we communicate—all have been transformed by the advent of the PC and the wave of devices that have followed. For computer users, the world is a richer, more interactive place. But what of those massive numbers of people in the world for whom computing remains a distant, elusive concept,…

March 2006

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