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Project Everest: Reaching greater heights in internet communication security

Project Everest is a multiyear collaborative effort focused on building a verified, secure communications stack designed to improve the security of HTTPS, a key internet safeguard. This post, about the verification tools and techniques the Everest team is using and developing, is the first in a series exploring the groundbreaking work, which is available on GitHub now. Wouldn’t it be great if a message you sent to your bank over the internet was guaranteed to…

January 2019

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The Microsoft Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library goes open source

The Microsoft Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library goes open source

Today we are extremely excited to announce that our Microsoft Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library (Microsoft SEAL), an easy-to-use homomorphic encryption library developed by researchers in the Cryptography Research group at Microsoft, is open source on GitHub under an MIT License for free use. The library has already been adopted by Intel to implement the underlying cryptography functions in HE-Transformer, the homomorphic encryption back end to its neural network compiler nGraph. As we increasingly move our…

December 2018

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Give your dissertation a boost with a grant from Microsoft Research

Need funding to clear a hurdle in the final stages of your dissertation research? Microsoft Research is offering grants of up to US $25,000 to help a select group of doctoral students cross the finish line and enter the workforce. The Microsoft Research Dissertation Grant is for PhD students at U.S. and Canadian universities from underrepresented groups in computing, including women, African-Americans/Blacks, Latinos, American Indians/Alaskan Natives, Native Hawaiians/Pacific Islanders and/or people with disabilities. The program…

February 2018

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Sriram Rajamani squashed bugs on road to leadership role in Microsoft’s India research lab

By John Roach, Writer, Microsoft Research After a handful of years writing code for the telecommunications and design automation industries, computer bugs got the best of Sriram Rajamani. He witnessed firsthand how poorly constructed code caused programs to crash and swung doors open for hackers. “I saw how difficult it was to build real software and real computer systems that work reliably and perform in a way that helps users and society,” says Rajamani, who…

November 2016

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Microsoft Research Faculty Summit opens

By Harold Javid, General Chair, Faculty Summit Microsoft Research’s annual Faculty Summit opened Wednesday with a series of talks about how technological innovation can benefit both business and society. In a fireside chat with Jeannette M. Wing, Microsoft’s corporate vice president in charge of the company’s basic research labs, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella underscored the key role Microsoft Research (MSR) plays in continuing to deliver breakthroughs capable of making big impacts across multiple industries. Nadella’s “Microsoft Vision”…

July 2016

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Chain reaction of collaboration

Over the years, Microsoft Research Asia has fostered connections among a variety of people in the computer science and technology fields, especially by bringing together Microsoft researchers, interns, and university professors to collaborate on continuing projects. Such was the case when Microsoft Research Asia researcher Xing Xie and Osaka University Associate Professor Takahiro Hara began working together on privacy problems in 2008. Yuki Arase—then a second-year PhD student (under Hara) and Microsoft intern (under Xie)—helped…

May 2015

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Blue illustrated lock with binary code and nodes

Cryptographer’s challenge: Keeping genetic secrets while advancing genetic research

Posted by Allison Linn Kristin Lauter is solving a problem you may not even know you have: She’s working to keep your most personal data private and secure. We’re not talking about your bank account balance or even your Social Security number. Lauter, a mathematician and cryptographer, is at the forefront of a push to make sure human genome data can be stored, accessed and used for research – without falling victim to prying eyes.…

March 2015

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Is a Safer Cloud on the Horizon?

A new technology called Haven could provide unprecedented protection for data stored in the cloud When you store data in the cloud, you entrust the cloud provider with your data. You essentially cross your fingers and hope the provider won’t leak the data, tamper with it, or leave it vulnerable to hackers or malicious code stored by others on the same machine. You take a leap of faith that the provider’s employees are trustworthy and…

December 2014

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Partnerships propel computer science

As part of its commitment to basic research, Microsoft invests in creating joint research centers around the world. These collaborative engagements typically involve multi-year research programs across a broad range of projects that push the boundaries of computer science. In the last week, Microsoft Research both launched and renewed major partnerships in Spain, Russia, and France. On April 2, we announced the launch of the Madrid Joint Research Center, a collaborative venture between Microsoft Research…

April 2014

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Chatting with the Author of ‘It’s Complicated’

On Feb. 25, Yale University Press released the highly anticipated new book by danah boyd, principal researcher at Microsoft Research New York City, titled It’s Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens. As one of the world’s pre-eminent authorities on social media, particularly teenagers’ social-media usage patterns, boyd now is poised to command a sizable share of the social-media spotlight herself. Why does Microsoft Research invest in studying social media? Jennifer Chayes—Microsoft distinguished engineer, managing…

February 2014

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CHI ’09: Computing with a Human Touch

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research Historically, Microsoft Research has had a big footprint during CHI, the annual conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery’s Special Interest Group on Computer-Human Interaction—and this year’s 27th gathering is no exception. More than 12 percent of the papers accepted for this year’s conference—25 of the 204 to be presented to more than 2,000 attendees from 43 countries April 4-9 at…

March 2009

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Microsoft Research Unveils Technologies to Improve the Web Experience

By Rob Knies, Managing Editor, Microsoft Research Battling search spam. Streamlining Web-page monitoring. Helping protect online privacy. Enabling the illiterate to use computers. These are just a few of the ways Microsoft Research is demonstrating its commitment to making the Internet a more secure, easily searchable, user-friendly destination for consumers worldwide. Each of those goals was featured May 8-12 during the 16th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW 2007), to be held at the Fairmont…

May 2007

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