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WindUp: Researching Patterns of Content Creation and Exchange

August 15, 2014 | By Microsoft blog editor

Posted by Richard Harper

WindUp logoGiven erroneous press reports about our research, as the lead for a Microsoft Research project called WindUp, I want to clarify our project’s objectives. We released WindUp into the Windows Phone Store last week as part of our ongoing research.  Our goal is to learn how people create, share and converse about content online.

WindUp is a mobile application for research purposes only that enables users to share images, videos, text, and audio snippets for a finite period of time, or for a designated number of views, before the content in question is deleted permanently. The application is designed to enable me and my team to explore patterns of content creation and exchange.  It isn’t meant to compete with anyone else’s service, and it isn’t meant for commercial purposes.

At Microsoft Research, part of our work from time to time involves building prototypes that let us explore some basic research questions. We hope that people give WindUp a test and share their experiences with us, and we look forward to the feedback and the insights we’ll gain.