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Microsoft Research & Berkeley AI Research (BAIR)

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Microsoft Research is a proud partner of the Berkeley AI Research Open Commons (BAIR), forging strong collaborations between researchers, students and faculty pursuing research on fundamental advances in computer vision, machine learning, natural language processing, planning, control, and robotics.

“BAIR and Microsoft share a passion for responsible, human-focused AI, from foundations to applications. It’s very exciting to bring together amazing researchers from both institutions to help each other tackle the big challenges in this domain.”

– Professor Anca Dragan, BAIR

The goal of the collaboration is to create and contribute new data and research for the open research community while advancing state-of-the-art AI research.

“At Microsoft Research we are committed to accelerating advancements in AI while collaborating with top academic institutions to support the broader AI research community,” said Susan Dumais, Microsoft Technical Fellow. “I believe the BAIR partnership creates a collaborative environment with tremendous potential for researchers, students and faculty to solve fundamental problems in AI.”

Student support and compute resources

As part of our partnership, Microsoft Research is pleased to support the work of the PhD students participating in our collaborative projects, and provide faculty and students with the necessary Azure compute resources to assist in the pursuit of advancing state-of-the-art AI research.