June 28, 2022

Cross-Boundary Innovation Workshop
(MSRA and Tsinghua Future Lab)

Location: Microsoft Building 2, Beijing, China

Invited by Dr. Lidong Zhou, the director of Microsoft Research Aisa, 20 faculties and graduate students visited Microsoft and co-hosted the “Cross-Boundary Innovation Workshop”.

Prof. Ying-Qing Xu, director of Tsinghua Future Lab and distinguished professor of “Chang Jiang Scholar” of the Ministry of Education took the subject of “From Concept to Product”, combined with two cases of working in Microsoft Research Asia and Tsinghua University, introduced how to put the ideas, theories and methods generated in scientific research into practical products from the perspective of user experience.

Dr. Keyang Tang, principal researcher of the Future Laboratory of Tsinghua University, gave a keynote speech with the title of “From Windows to Windows: Innovation Inspired by the Real World”. He explained the “design of design” and the general connection between this idea and digital technology with practical cases.

Nearly 600 colleagues from various departments of Microsoft GCR listened to this sharing online and offline. After sharing, teachers and students of the Future Lab also had in-depth discussions with researchers, engineers, and project managers of Microsoft Research Asia on innovative intelligence & future interaction and positive aging & accessibility.

Teddy Zee et al. posing for a photo

Organizing Committee:
Yunyun Jiang, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Research Asia
Peggy Dai, Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Research Asia
Yang Ou, Designer of Microsoft Research Asia
Xin Ma, Outreach Director, Microsoft Research Asia